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HCM Machinery Baoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park was officially unveiled!

Release date: 2024-01-16 10:51:11

On January 15, the unveiling ceremony of HCM Machinery Baoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park was held grandly. Founder Mr. Rong Pingxun, Vice Chairman Mr. Rong Beiguo, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Mr. Rong Xinguo and the company's middle and senior management attended the ceremony and jointly witnessed this important moment of Guilin Hongcheng-HCM Machinery.

At the unveiling ceremony, Honorary Chairman Mr. Rong Pingxun and Vice Chairman Mr. Rong Beiguo delivered speeches respectively.

Mr. Rong Pingxun said that after more than 30 years of ups and downs, HCM has devoted the efforts of two generations of HCM people from a small foundry to a leading enterprise in the field of grinding equipment. The Baoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park will also lay a solid foundation for casting and provide a solid foundation for grinding. Mr. Rong Pingxun has placed good expectations on Baoshan intelligent equipment to "cast" power in the development of powder machine equipment manufacturing.

Vice Chairman Mr. Rong Beiguo said that the development of intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from the application of high-end manufacturing equipment, and HCM's strong casting strength will continue to empower high-end mill manufacturing. Baoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park is a major measure taken by Hongcheng to further integrate production resources and enhance core competitiveness. Based on the long-term and looking to the future, the market prospect of high-end intelligent equipment is broad, which will definitely improve HCM's comprehensive strength.

There was thunderous applause and firecrackers. HCM's senior leaders jointly unveiled the plaque, and the unveiling ceremony was a complete success! This is a landmark moment in HCM's development, marking HCM's entry into the fast lane of development!

Reviewing the construction history of Baoshan

HCM worked hard and completed trial production efficiently!

01 Groundbreaking ceremony

In April 2021, the foundation laying ceremony of Guilin HCM Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park was held grandly!

02  First hoisting

In October 2021, Baoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park carried out the first hoisting of the steel structure!

03  First batch of molten steel casting

In March 2023, the first batch of molten steel was successfully cast! Baoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park successfully started trial production! In the same year, HCM successfully cast 50 tons and 70 tons of molten iron, opening up a new situation for super large castings in Guangxi!

04  Large vertical mill assembly and delivery

In 2023, in the brand-new Baoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park, large-scale vertical mills will be assembled and shipped one after another!

In the future, Baoshan Intelligent Equipment will further consolidate the foundry foundation, promote the high-quality development of grinding mill equipment, and create new glory for HCM's development!

In the next step, HCM will continue to focus on creating "high quality and high efficiency" to create differentiated grinding machine advantages, and use Haobaoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park to polish the new foundation of HCM intelligent equipment and enhance the global market competitiveness of grinding equipment, enhance international influence, better serve global customers, and realize the vision of contributing a global brand to China.

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