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HCQ Reinforced Grinding Mill

Upgraded product of traditional Raymond mill

HCQ Series Grinding Mill is a new type of grinding mill equipment that is technically updated on the basis of R-type Raymond mill. It has significantly improved both productivity and performance. It can grind a wide range of materials, and the fineness of finished products can be adjusted from 80 mesh to 400 mesh. With stable operation, low noise and environmental protection, the equipment is an ideal substitute for the traditional Raymond mill.

hcq reinforced grinding mill materiel

The machine is suitable for grinding limestone, calcite, talc, dolomite, quartz stone, bauxite, marble, feldspar, barite, phosphate rock, coal mine, clay, graphite, kaolin, wollastonite, lime, bentonite and other non-flammable and explosive materials with Mohs hardness of less than 7 and humidity of less than 6%.


HCQ1500 Grinding Mill For 80-400 mesh Minerals Powder Making
HCQ2000 Raymond mill machine with large capacity


High Capacity

Optimize the configuration of pipes and fan systems to reduce wind resistance and pipe wall wear. A new large blade is adopted to ensure a stable increase in output.

Green & Environmental Protection

It adopts a multi-cyclone dedusting system with afterwind pulse dust collection system, or a full-pulse dust collection system, with less overflow dust.

High Classification Accuracy

The classifier adopts a built-in large vane cone turbine classifier, and the grain size of the finished product can be adjusted at will within 80-400 mesh.

High Wear Resistance

The important parts are made of thickened high-quality steel, and the wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials. The whole machine has high wear-resistance and reliable operation.

Convenient Maintenance

It adopts a maintenance-free grinding roller assembly and a new star rack structure, which can replace the grinding ring without disassembly and is convenient for maintenance.


Technical Parameters Of HCQ Series Reinforced Grinding Mill
Model Number of grinding rollers Nominal diameter of grinding ring(mm) Maximum feeding size(mm) Fineness(μm) Capacity (t/h) Power(kw)
HCQ1290 3/4 1290 ≤20 38-180(80-400mesh) 1.5-8 125
HCQ1500 4 1500 ≤30 2-10 286
HCQ1850 4 1850 ≤30 8-28 400
HCQ2000 4 2000 ≤40 10-35 537



Raw materials with suitable particle size are sent to the main machine through the feeding mechanism (vibration/belt/screw feeder or air-lock feeder, etc.). The high-speed rotating grinding rod is tightly rolled on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force. The material is scooped up by the blade and sent to the grinding area formed by the grinding unit and the grinding ring. The material is broken into powder under the action of the grinding pressure. Under the action of the fan, the pulverized materials are blown up and passed through the separator. Those that meet the fineness requirements pass through the separator. Those that fail to meet the requirements are stopped by the separator, and then returned to the grinding chamber for further grinding.


1. Closed circuit system: the qualified materials separated are blown into the cyclone collector through the pipeline. Through the action of cyclone, the material and gas are separated, and the collected material is sent to the next process through the discharge valve. The separated air flows into the main engine through the fan to participate in the next cycle. The excess air flow in the system is discharged into the atmosphere after passing through the pulse dust collector to ensure the stable operation of the system; The collection efficiency of the pulse dust collector reaches 99.99%, ensuring that the discharge meets the environmental protection standard.

2. Open-circuit system: the sorted qualified materials are blown into the pulse collector through the pipeline, and the material and gas are separated through the function of the filter bag. The collected materials are sent to the next process through the discharge valve. The separated air flow enters the exhaust pipe through the action of the fan and is discharged into the atmosphere. The collection efficiency of the pulse dust collector reaches 99.99%, ensuring that the discharge meets the environmental protection standard.

Finished Product Processing:

The discharge valve under the cyclone/pulse collector can be directly bagged and packaged by the packaging machine, directly loaded and transported by the bulk machine, and also sent to the finished product warehouse for storage through the conveying mechanism.

How the device works