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HCM Machinery, HC2000 Large Grinding Mill - Zhejiang 500,000t/year Limestone Powder Processing Proje
HC2000 Large Grinding Mill & Industrial Pulse Dust Collector - Zhejiang 500,000t/year Limestone Powder Processing Project

Production Status

Type & quantity: 1 set of HC2000 with Industrial Pulse Dust Collector
Material: calcium carbonate
Product fineness: 250 mesh D97
Capacity: 40t/h

Project Status

The large enterprise in Zhejiang Changxing purchased one set of HC2000 Large Grinding Mill equipment...
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  • Non-metallic mineral
  • Green desulfurization limestone
  • Coal petroleum coke
  • Calcium carbonate powder
  • Metals and special materials
One of Domestic Marble Powder Processing Projects

In the field of marble milling, the marble grinding mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng have strong market competitiveness. One customer purchased 2 SETS of HLMX1100 Superfine vertical mills recently, which produce 800 mesh marble powder. In the commissioning stage, the commissioning results of the Su...

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HCM Machinery, HLMX1100 Ultra-fine Vertical Mill, 100,000t/year calcium oxide powder project of Hesh
HLMX1100 Ultra-fine Vertical Mill - 100,000t/year calcium oxide powder project of Heshan

The project owner has rich and high quality limestone resources, which can be great material of calcium oxide producing. The calcium oxide micro powder of the project majority applied in paint filter, environmental emulsion paint, waterproof putty and sewage treatment fields. The factory of customer...

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HCM Machinery, HC1700 Grinding Mill - 60000t/year pyrophyllite powder project of Fuzhou public compa
HC1700 Grinding Mill - 60000t/year pyrophyllite powder project of Fuzhou public company

The customer enterprise is a professional supplier of pyrophyllite and kaolin powder in Asian-Pacific region, capturing 80% of market share in China, and has a total capacity of 600 million RMB. It has several wholly-owned subsidiaries in China. In 2011, a new production line was constructed in Chon...

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HCM Machinery, HC1000 Grinding Mill - 20,000t/year pharmaceutical grade talc powder project in Guili
HC1000 Grinding Mill - 20,000t/year pharmaceutical grade talc powder project in Guilin

The talc enterprise is one of the largest in China. Pharmaceutical grade talc powder processing has high requirement of Raymond Mill equipment. For this, Hongcheng engineer communicated with the customer and designed 2 sets of HC1000 Milling Machine production lines. Hongcheng produces high quality ...

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HCM Machinery, HC2000 Large Grinding Mill - Zhejiang 500,000t/year Limestone Powder Processing Proje
HC2000 Large Grinding Mill & Industrial Pulse Dust Collector - Zhejiang 500,000t/year Limestone Powder Processing Project

The large enterprise in Zhejiang Changxing purchased one set of HC2000 Large Grinding Mill equipment at the beginning of 2012. Up to now, the equipment operates steady with low failure rate, the high capacity and low energy consumption brought huge benefit for the enterprise owner. The owner is sati...

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HC1700 Grinding Mill - 1,000,000t/year power plant desulfuration project in Yunfu chemical enterprise

The enterprise invested 120 million RMB to construct powder processing industrial zone with a capacity of 1.5 million tons per year, including calcium carbonate micro powder, calcium carbide powder and desulfuration lime powder producing projects. The industrial zone covers an area of over 40000m3 a...

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HC1700 Grinding Mill - 200,000t/year desulfuration project of Hubei power plant

Hubei has large sum of power plants. Along with the infrastructure construction and power industry development, the pressure of environment protection will be higher. Apply Raymond Mill for lime powder desulfuration is a frequently-used technology. The customer purchased HC1700 Grinding Mill for lim...

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Grinding Mill
HC1700 Grinding Mill - Heilongjiang power plant desulfuration project

The enterprise in Heilongjiang has numerous industries, one of the important project is the power plant desulfuration project. The quality requirement of Grinding Machinery will be very high for there are lots of low temperature days. After discussions and improvements, the customer selected the HC1...

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HC1700 Grinding Mill - 150,000 t/year power plant desulfuration project of Hubei calcium enterprise

The calcium enterprise is the largest metallurgical ash manufacturer with 1,000,000t capacity of limestone processing of township enterprise in China, it is also the direct supplier of some large enterprise like Wuhan Iron and Steel Corp. ,Hubei Xinyegang Steel Co Ltd., Xinxing Pipes, etc. Guilin Ho...

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HC1700 Grinding Mill - Large scale petroleum coke powder producing project in Sanxia

Glass industry consumes high quantity of energy, the fuel cost captured 35%-50% of total. Glass melting furnace consumes the largest sum of fuel in glass producing. Once lighted, the furnace can not be shut until overhauling. So, the workshops are often equipped with Raymond Mills to sustain produci...

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Raymond Mill
HC1700 Grinding Mill - 320,000t/year petroleum coke powder processing project

The customer is operating a diversified group of new energy, finance and investment, the project is for a glass furnace petroleum coke powder supplying. Petroleum coke has cost advantage than heavy oil. After ground by Raymond Mill, petroleum coke can be the replacement of heavy oil. The enterprise ...

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HC1700 Grinding Mill - 200,000t/year coal powder boiler heating project

The project is for the coal powder supplier of Bulianta coal mine heating boiler. The project owner is China Coal Research Institute. The CCRI is the strategic partner of Guilin Hongcheng since 2009, Hongcheng Coal Mills were applied in multiple coal producing areas in China. This project applied 3 ...

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HC2000 Super-large Mill - Petroleum coke powder processing project of glass factory (marketing enterprise)

The project owner investigated several grinding mill manufacturers for petroleum coke mill equipment. And finally, the customer purchased several HC1700 and HC2000 Raymond Mills after inspection and comparison, and has a friendly cooperation with Guilin Hongcheng for years. According to the requirem...

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HCH1395 Ultrafine Mill - 60,000t/year coarse whiting micro powder project in Hunan China

The running project owner is a long term customer of Guilin HCM Machinery. The customer owned the calcite mine, majority process coarse whiting fine powder. The customer's site has 1 set of HC1300 Grinding Mill for 400 mesh D97 coarse powder producing, 1 set of HCH980 and 1 set of HCH1395 Ultra-fine...

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HLMX1100 Vertical Mill - 100,000t/year ultra-fine calcium carbonate project of Guangxi powder enterprise

The project is for a leading enterprise of coarse whiting processing. The customer has friendly relationship and cooperation with Guilin Hongcheng for more than 10 years. During the years of development of Powder Processing Mills, the requirement to the equipment is increasing along with the develop...

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HCH1395 Ultra-fine Mills - 120,000t/year coarse whiting ultra-fine powder project in Guangdong

The customer is a famous enterprise in coarse whiting industry. The project is for new constructed workshop. The customer has high requirement of environmental performance, capacity and energy cost. After several investments and comparisons, the customer finally selected 2 sets of HCH1395 Ultra-fine...

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HCH1395 Ultra-fine Mill - 100,000t/year calcium carbonate project of Guilin chemical enterprise

The enterprise rank the top of national calcium carbonate enterprises. The enterprise owned high quality limestone resource for the capacity of over 200 years. The project majority produces ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder. After several discussing and investigation, the enterprise owner selected...

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HC1700 Grinding Mill - Manganese powder processing project in Hubei

The customer is a high-tech enterprise aiming at new technology and new product researching, testing, developing, producing and marketing. The enterprise produces electrolytic manganese, manganese spindle, manganese briquette, hydroelectric generation, manganese ore, crude copper, matte, copper ore,...

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HC1700 Grinding Mill - 500,000t/year manganese powder producing project in Guizhou

The customer enterprise locates in south-west of China. The enterprise is practicing manganese powder processing. Guizhou Province of China is a large manganese processing area with rich resources. The customer owned a manganese processing workshop equipping traditional 4R Mills. The old mills are s...

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HC1700 Grinding Mill - 150,000t/year manganese powder producing project in Guangxi

The customer enterprise locates near famous rich manganese mines. The customer decided to grind the manganese for better application. After site investment, Hongcheng engineers designed two sets of HC1700 Grinding Mill production lines, this is also the 61st Hongcheng equipment in Asia. The new Mine...

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HLM21 Vertical Mill - 60,000t/year superfine slag powder project in Beiliu

The project is set in one of the largest construction enterprise in Beiliu City. The factory majority process solid waste like granulating slag and steel slag for local mixing plant and cement factory. After investment and comparison of ball mill, vertical mill and Raymond mill in multiple grinding ...

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