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EPC Project General Contracting

EPC(Engineering Procurement Construction) has become a very popular project cooperation mode, especially for large-scale powder engineering, one-stop turnkey service is more and more favored by owners. Guilin Hongcheng has taken advantage of the trend and has successfully created a number of EPC general contracting projects, which have won unanimous praise from the owners, and the strength of the general contracting has been fully confirmed.


According to comprehensive factors such as site size, production scale, product fineness, power support, investment budget, etc., professional engineering designers scientifically plan the entire milling production line, covering equipment selection, supporting systems, production layout, foundation plan design, etc.


The equipment and materials required for the entire project are provided, including two modes of core equipment manufacturing and external procurement of auxiliary equipment. Covering grinding and screening system, conveying and feeding system, dust collection system, crushing system, power system, electric control system, etc.


It not only covers civil construction, electrical construction, equipment installation and operation commissioning, but also includes later parts supply, quality assurance maintenance, technical personnel training, project operation and maintenance trusteeship and other services.

Advantages of Hongcheng EPC

Save Money


The total contract price is fixed

Strict cost control

Avoid the risk of overspending


Save Time


The project construction cycle is clear

Process real-time control

Efficient project development


Save Trouble


One-stop complete solution

Clear requirements

reducing energy and financial consumption


Save Worry


One-stop complete solution

Layers of control, clear responsibilities

Reduce risk and investment


On-site direct attack of EPC case

HLMX1100 superfine grinding mill & HCH1395 ultra-fine grinding mill
HLMX1100 Ultrafine Vertical Grinding Mill- EPC Customer Site in Vietnam


Artificial marble milling project of a company in Southeast Asia with an annual output of 400,000 tons

Model: 6 sets of HLMX1100 ultra-fine vertical mill, 4 sets of HCH1395 ultra-fine ring roller mill production line

Material: Marble

Fineness: 600-2500 mesh

Capacity: 400,000 tons/year

Southeast Asia is rich in marble resources, and the artificial stone powder market has a large market space and broad development prospects. A company in Southeast Asia cooperated deeply with Guilin Hongcheng to introduce a complete production line of 6 sets of HLMX1100 ultra-fine vertical mills and 4 sets of HCH1395 ultra-fine ring roller mills. The Hongcheng team matches excellent teams and resources, and provides customers with a complete set of EPC turnkey services including project investigation, model selection and configuration process, equipment manufacturing, project installation, production and after-sales service.

HC1700 Grinding Mill

Model: 8 sets of HC1700 Grinding Mills

Material: Limestone

Fineness: 325 mesh D96

Capacity: 14-16t/h

The enterprise invested 120 million RMB to construct powder processing industrial zone with a capacity of 1.5 million tons per year, including calcium carbonate micro powder, calcium carbide powder and desulfuration lime powder producing projects. The industrial zone covers an area of over 40000m3 and was equipped with 12 sets of national advanced Raymond Mills, 6 sets of 400-2500 mesh Ultra-fine Mills. At the same time, the industrial zone has 8 limestone raw material warehouses with a volume of 5000 tons, 6 sets of 2000 ton bulk powder tanks, warehouse with a volume of 3000 tons of packed product.

HCH1395 Ultrafine Mill - 60,000t/year coarse whiting micro powder project

Model: 1 set of HCH1395 and 1 set of HCH980

Material: Coarse Whiting Powder

Fineness: 1250 mesh D97

Capacity: HCH1395: 5.5-6 TPH, HCH980: 2.5-3 TPH

The customer owned the calcite mine, majority process coarse whiting fine powder. The customer's site has 1 set of HC1300 Grinding Mill for 400 mesh D97 coarse powder producing, 1 set of HCH980 and 1 set of HCH1395 Ultra-fine Mill for 800-1500 mesh D97 powder.