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Bentonite cat litter production equipment and process

Release date: 2024-03-05 11:48:24

One of the characteristics of bentonite is adsorption. With the development of the pet industry, this characteristic of bentonite has also been put to good use. Cat litter is a good example, so what are the equipment for producing bentonite cat litter? Raymond mill used for bentonite powder making is the main production equipment. As a manufacturer of Raymond mill, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you in detail the bentonite cat litter production equipment and process today.

 First of all, the production process of cat litter is roughly as follows: crushing → granulation → drying → screening → finished product packaging. The equipment used in each process is also different. Below we will introduce to you the role of bentonite cat litter production equipment in each link:

1. Raymond machine: It is the main equipment in the crushing process. Before crushing, 2%-3% sodium carbonate should be added to the bentonite. Its function is to increase the adsorption (water absorption) of the bentonite cat litter. After adding sodium carbonate, it can be mixed evenly through a mixer or feeder, and then processed into a 200-mesh powder through a Raymond machine.

2. Granulator: It is the main equipment in the granulation process. After the bentonite is crushed by Raymond machine, it enters the granulator for granulation. At this stage, about 0.2% potassium permanganate solution can be added to make the cat litter in the later stage. The finished product has the effect of disinfection and sterilization. Adding 1% water glass solution can increase the cohesion of bentonite powder. At the same time, add water drop by drop evenly during the granulation process. Just set the granulated product to 0.8-5mm. At this time, the processed cat litter will be wet. , and what we want to take advantage of is the water absorption of cat litter, so we need to carry out the next step of drying.

3. Drum dryer: Dehydrate and dry the granulated bentonite wet cat litter. The moisture content of the granulated cat litter is about 16%, and we need to use a tumble dryer to reduce the moisture to less than 6%. Since it is dehydrated through high-temperature drying, the freshly dried cat litter has a certain temperature, at this time, it will be cooled naturally. Since bentonite has strong adsorption, it will absorb a certain amount of moisture during the cooling process. The moisture content of the cooled cat litter is 6%-8%, which is why we need to reduce the moisture to 6%, instead of dropping directly to 8%.

4. Finished product measurement and packaging equipment: quantitative packaging according to product requirements. The cat litter after drying and cooling is the finished product, but we rarely sell it in bulk when selling. Moreover, leaving the bentonite cat litter in the air for too long will affect the later use effect, so it must be measured and packaged after cooling. Store in warehouse.

The above is an introduction to the bentonite cat litter production equipment and process flow. If you are still unclear about anything, you can contact our technical staff. We are a manufacturer of bentonite cat litter production equipment and will give you a detailed introduction.