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HLMX1100 Vertical Mill - 100,000t/year ultra-fine calcium carbonate project of Guangxi powder enterprise

Model: 1 set of HLMX1100

Material: calcium carbonate

Fineness: 600 mesh D97

Capacity: 4-14t/h

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Case Details

The project is for a leading enterprise of coarse whiting processing. The customer has friendly relationship and cooperation with Guilin Hongcheng for more than 10 years. During the years of development of Powder Processing Mills, the requirement to the equipment is increasing along with the development of enterprises. The customer chooses the growing and innovating Guilin Hongcheng as the equipment supplier. This time, the customer is going to extend the production line again. For the high requirement and short delivery time, the customer selected HLMX1100 Table Mill. The main mill delivered punctually in five days, the whole Grinding Mill delivered in only a month. The equipment offers a higher efficiency for the production line and brings more benefit for the customer.

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