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HC1700 Grinding Mill - 150,000 t/year power plant desulfuration project of Hubei calcium enterprise

Model: 2 sets of HC1700

Material: limestone

Fineness: 325 mesh D96

Capacity: 10t/h

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The calcium enterprise is the largest metallurgical ash manufacturer with 1,000,000t capacity of limestone processing of township enterprise in China, it is also the direct supplier of some large enterprise like Wuhan Iron and Steel Corp. ,Hubei Xinyegang Steel Co Ltd., Xinxing Pipes, etc. Guilin Hongcheng participated in the transformation of power plant desulfuration project in 2010. The enterprise owner purchased 2 sets of HC1700 and 2 sets of 4R equipment. Till today, the equipment operates steady and had brought large benefit for the owner.

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