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HC1700 Grinding Mill - Manganese powder processing project in Hubei

Model: 18 sets of HC1700 Grinding Mills, 1 set of HLM21 Vertical Mill

Material: manganese carbonate

Fineness: 90-100 mesh D90

Capacity: 8-10t/h, 20-25t/h

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Case Details

The customer is a high-tech enterprise aiming at new technology and new product researching, testing, developing, producing and marketing. The enterprise produces electrolytic manganese, manganese spindle, manganese briquette, hydroelectric generation, manganese ore, crude copper, matte, copper ore, anode plate, flexible freight bag,etc. 6 subordinate manganese companies of the enterprise applied Guilin Hongcheng Raymond Mill and Vertical Mill. From 2009 up to now, the enterprise purchased 18 sets of HC1700 Grinding Mills and 1 set of HLM21 Vertical Mill, set 8 manganese production lines in multiple manganese production bases.

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