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HC2000 Super-large Mill - Petroleum coke powder processing project of glass factory (marketing enterprise)

Model: 3 sets of HC2000, 1 set of HC1700

Material: shot coke, sponge coke

Fineness: 200 mesh D95

Capacity: 6-20t/h

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Case Details

The project owner investigated several grinding mill manufacturers for petroleum coke mill equipment. And finally, the customer purchased several HC1700 and HC2000 Raymond Mills after inspection and comparison, and has a friendly cooperation with Guilin Hongcheng for years. According to the requirement, Hongcheng sent engineers for site inspection. In the latest three years, all the petroleum coke powder processing projects applied Hongcheng Powder Mills. The production lines designed and supplied by Guilin Hongcheng is highly praised by customers for steady operation, high capacity, low energy consumption and low dust pollution.

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