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Gather in Guilin to discuss the high-value utilization of solid waste

Release date: 2023-11-17 09:48:37

Gather in Guilin to discuss the high-value utilization of solid waste. HCM Hongcheng Machinery sincerely invites you to attend the 2023 Iron and Steel Metallurgy Solid Waste Conference!

The 2023 Iron and Steel Metallurgical Solid Waste Comprehensive Treatment and Utilization Technology Exchange Conference (Sixth) will be held in Guilin from November 22 to 24, 2023! HCM Hongcheng Machinery co-organized this conference and worked with the organizers to provide comprehensive support and assistance for the conference, aiming to provide a platform for exchange and sharing for experts and scholars in the field of metallurgical solid waste.

This conference invited experts, scholars and business representatives from the field of metallurgical solid waste to conduct in-depth discussions on the latest technologies, research results and future challenges of comprehensive utilization of all solid waste in steel through special lectures, seminars and other methods. Let us gather in the beautiful Guilin, Guangxi, and look forward to discussing the future development of the metallurgical solid waste field with you!

HCM helps high-value utilization of solid waste

The company has a good reputation for resource utilization and has a long-lasting green development foundation. Over the years, HCM has developed a circular economy with green production as the center. In the field of solid waste treatment applications, HCM has been committed to its responsibilities, and has used its strength to help high-value utilization of solid waste!

Advanced equipment enterprise, setting industry benchmark

HCM won the "Environmental Star - Advanced Equipment Enterprise", setting an industry benchmark and promoting the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste such as metallurgical slag and tailings.

Solid waste achievement transformation pilot research base

HCM and Guilin University of Technology jointly built a pilot research base for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the efficient utilization of solid waste resources in Guangxi, and developed and constructed a series of new products for environmentally friendly cement powder production lines.

Breakthrough in key technologies for industrial solid waste preparation

HCM made full use of its own product equipment, green building materials, R&D technology and other advantages to break through the research problems on key technologies and applications for preparing high-quality cementitious materials from industrial solid waste, and won the first prize of the "Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award".

Shortlisted for Innovation Consortium

Based on the industry, HCM has made in-depth and refined research and development, design and green production systems, actively carried out key technologies and industrial innovations for low-carbon cementitious materials, and was shortlisted for the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region's 2022 innovation consortium list.

HCM Hongcheng Machinery has always practiced the green development concept of low-carbon recycling and played a huge role in the field of solid waste resource utilization with high-quality equipment. In the next step, HCM will continue to gather wisdom and efforts to overcome the technical difficulties of metallurgical solid waste equipment, help achieve the goals of solid waste treatment reduction, resource utilization, and harmlessness, and promote the high-quality development of green circular economy.