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Grinding Mill Applications in Power Plant and Steel Plant Desulfuration

Release date: 1970-01-01 08:00:00

Flue gas desulfuration is an important field of environmental protection. Environment protection start in a wealthy material basis, China started to focus on desulfuration begins around 2000. At that time, in order to capture the new market, grinding mill manufacturers designed the desulfuration limestone grinding mills. The HC Series Grinding Mill created by Guilin Hongcheng is one of the typical model.

At present, many large thermal powder plants and steel plants applied Hongcheng desulfuration mills, and our equipment were sold abroad. The high quality, high capacity grinding mills were highly praised by customers. Our desulfuration grinding mill has the advantages of high capacity, low energy consumption, environment protection, easy maintenance, etc. Moreover, the limestone resource status may be different from locations, the product fineness requirement may also be different. The product fineness of the desulfuration grinding mill can be adjusted according to requirement.