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Ultra-fine Diatomite Applications in High Performance Paper

Release date: 9054-02-23 14:56:36

Mentioned about ultra-fine mill, people always think about mineral industry producing or building operation, but however, ultra-fine mill also influence our daily life. After ground into ultra-fine powder, diatomite can be applied as filler in paper-making field. The technology can reduce resource consumption and increase product function and performance.

The followings are some detailed applications:

1. Applied as the filler of anti-flaming and noise-reducing paper board. Diatomite has good performance of anti-flaming and noise-reducing. Diatomite powder can be mixed with paper pulp to make high grade decoration paper or paper board. A kind of decoration paper board contains 77% of diatomite, high grade wallpaper for mute room contains 65% of diatomite.

2. Can be applied as filler of oil sealing paper. Oil sealing paper board is a new sealing material for machine driving device. For the high performance of wear-resistance and oil absorption, diatomite is successfully applied as oil sealing paper filler in recent years. Diatomite will expand after absorb the oil, the character will stop oil leaking.

3. Used as cigarette paper filler. Diatomite added cigarette paper can adjust burning speed, increase paper air permeability, and can also reduce oil tar and other harmful matters.

4. Applied in fruit planting paper and grow seedling container. An enterprise applied diatomite material to increase fruit planting paper performance. Apply diatomite in grow seedling containers will promote plant growth.

5. Applied as filter paper filler. Diatomite is now widely applied as filter material in food, medicine, purified water, oil filtering and fine chemical engineering. Filter paper with diatomite has higher filtering efficiency. Mixed with silver or other sterilizations, diatomite can be made into sterilize filter paper. Add diatomite powder into mixed pulp to make battery separator will increase void content and reduce resistance, but too more diatomite may reduce mechanical strength and service life of the separator.

6. Used as filler of deodorization paper. At present, the marketing deodorization paper mainly includes activated carbon paper, zeolite paper, orthophosphoric acid aluminum paper, etc. Diatomite paper has functions of porosity, high specific surface area and high adsorbability. The deodorization paper can be used in refrigerators, houses and automobiles.

7. Can be applied in water absorption fresh-care wrapping paper. After purified, diatomite is a kind of nature mineral with no harmful to human. Wrapping material with diatomite can be used as food storage wrapping material, and can also be used for medicine and daily goods. Water absorption fresh-care wrapping paper can keep the moisture and freshness of aquatic product and meat. It can also be used as packing material of fruit, vegetable and cake to keep moisture and resist pollution.

8. Applied as filler of decorative paper. Decorative paper can be used to improve appearance and performance. Diatomite can be the replacement of some expensive paint and offer series of good functions.