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Basic Knowledge of Printing Supply Carbon Powder

Release date: 2193-02-23 14:57:42

1. Component introduction

Carbon powder is a kind of black powder. Many people might be misled by the name and color and consider it as carbon material powder. In fact, printing supply carbon powder is a kind of composite material, and the major component is:

(1) Resin: is the major imaging material and the principle component;
(2) carbon black: also a major imaging material, has the function of adjusting blackness;
(3) Magnetic iron oxide: make magnetism to the carbon powder, so that the powder can absorb on the carbon roller;
(4) Charge controlling particle: control the carried charge of the powder;
(5) Hot melt plastic: control the melting point of the carbon powder. The melted powder will permeate into the paper fiber to organize the final image;
(6) Lubricant: function in lubrication and controlling the friction charge.

2. Manufacturing technique

According to manufacturing technique, carbon powder can be divided into two kinds: crushing carbon powder and polymerization carbon powder.

Producing process of crush carbon powder: mix the solid raw materials and heat them. The resin will melt. After cooling, grind the mixture with grinding mills.

Producing process of polymerization carbon powder: infuse the liquid material into the reaction still, and mix with other material. Under certain temperature, the material will polymerize into resin particle. Then, wash and dry the particle to be product.

The society tendency is to realize paperless office, and the tendency is sure to affect the printing supply industry. But, paper less office is still a dream at present, and traditional printing supply industry is still growing. All printing supply enterprises should pay attention to technique innovation, focus on product performance and quality. Moreover, enterprises should also introduce new equipment, such as vertical mill and Raymond mill for carbon powder processing.