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Calcium Carbonate Powder Applications in Plastic Industry

Release date: 8966-02-23 14:57:59

1.Increase stability of plastic product size
Calcium carbonate powder plays a framework effect in plastic product, which can increase plastic stability.

2.Increase plastic product hardness and rigidity
Along with the increasing of calcium carbonate powder, the hardness of plastic product will also increase.

3.Increase plastic process-ability
Added with calcium carbonate powder, the plastic will have better rheological property. Calcium carbonate powder can assist plastic formation, increase processing efficiency.

4.Increase heat resistance
Plastic heat resistance will increase when added with calcium carbonate, for example: add 40% calcium carbonate will increase heat resistance for 200℃ in polypropylene processing.

5.Improve plastic matting property
Calcite carbonate powder is able to improve plastic whiteness. Whiteness over 90 calcium carbonate has obvious whitening effect in plastic producing. High whiteness calcium carbonate can be the replacement of expansive white paint material.

6.Offer special function to product
Added with calcium carbonate powder, cable material will have insulation effect, some product will have better electroplate performance and painting performance. Added with ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder, PVC material can have fire retardation.

7.Reduce producing cost
The price of normal light and heavy calcium carbonate powder is much lower than plastic, addition of calcium carbonate powder will reduce plastic producing cost.


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