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Raymond Mill Afterwind Origin and Elimination Methods

Release date: 1469-06-14 14:58:53

Afterwind origin

1. The Raymond mill feeding port, maintenance gate and cyclone classifier of the air circulation is under negative pressure, if these parts are not well sealed, some air might be draw in the system.

2. When feeding friable material, some air may be draw in with the material.

3. In Raymond mill operation, the heat will raise the temperature of the system for about 10-30℃. For this, the moisture in the material will be dried into vapour.

4. For the rising temperature, the flowing air will have volume expansion.

Afterwind elimination

We can know from the article above that the wind capacity in the system will increase. However, the volume of the system is limited, if the added wind is not eliminated, the system air pressure will increase. On the one hand, it will infect equipment capacity and product fineness, on the other hand, it may cause air and powder leaking. The afterwind pipe can be applied to remove extra wind.

The afterwid pipe should not be set between blower and classifier, because it may draw in large sum of material. The best place to set the afterwind pipe is the exit of blower.