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How do Raymond Mills Applied for Grain Slag Processing?

Release date: 1970-01-01 08:00:00

Grain slag, is made by cooling the molten condition blast furnace slag in water. The processing methods are slag pool water quenching and stoke hole water quenching. Grain slag is a kind of industrial solid waste, but in many countries, it was applied in admixture material producing.

Grain slag can be made in to high performance cement material, such as portland slag cement, gypsum slag cement, lime cement, slag brick, slag concrete, etc. It can also be used to produce environmentally cement brick.

When blast furnace processing, iron ore and funeral will be feed from the top, when the temperature reaches 1400-1500℃, all the material will melt into liquid. The dark matter floating on the molten iron will be discharged as blast furnace slag.

Blast furnace slag has three major processing methods: natural cooling into hard dry slag; break with water quenching to be grain slag; crush with steam or compressed air to be slag wool.

Another new processing method is to grind the grain slag into powder with Raymond mills. First, the moisture of grain slag is too high and must be dried before grinding. Modern industry requires high fineness product and high capacity, Guilin Hongcheng HC1700 Grinding Mill and HC2000 Large-scale Mill are good choices for grain slag processing.