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Raymond Mill Applied in Construction Waste Cyclic Utilization

Release date: 1970-01-01 08:00:00

Along with the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, construction industry is rapidly developing. However, construction waste is increasing day by day, which occupied 1/3 of total municipal waste.

At present, construction waste handling is an important task in urbanization. Most of the countries bury the waste to the earth, which may cause serious hazard. First, it may consume large land space. For example, Beijing have to build over 20 landfills to bury the waste of Olympic engineering construction. Second, it may lead to serious environment pollution. The glue and paint in the waste are hard to be biodegraded. The harmful heavy metal elements can cause underground water pollution, doing harm to surrounding residents. Lastly, it will break soil structure and cause ground surface settlement. Nowadays, the burying method is to bury 8 meters with 2 meters of soil. But, the soil cannot grow plants any more.

The newly developed Raymond mill of Guilin Hongcheng is able to crush and smash construction waste. After being ground, the waste material can be made into various of product. The size of processed material can be easy adjusted.