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What Problems May Exist in Run-in Period of Raymond Mill?

Release date: 1970-01-01 08:00:00

No matter traditional R Series Mill, or the latest HC1700, HC2000 Grinding Mill, the new machine need a run-in period for the parts.

The run-in period of Raymond mill is about 60 hours, the period is an important step to ensure normally operating, reduce failure rate and increase service life. But, some users ignored the special technical requirement during run-in period. Now, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce you about the problems in run-in period.

1.Fast wearing
For the processing, installing and adjusting of new grinding mill parts, the friction surface is rough. When operating, the fallen metal fragment will be ground with other material, which will cause more serious wearing. So, grinding mills are easier wore during run-in period.

2.Bad lubrication
The new installed parts have smaller fit clearance, for this, lubricating oil cannot form the oil slick on the friction surface. Lower lubrication efficiency will increase early stage wear. In some serious situations, it may also cause surface tear or occlusion.

3.Parts looseness
Newly produced and installed parts may have deviation in shape and size. During run-in period, the parts are easy affected by shock, vibration and heat, the fastened parts might become loosen.

For the effect of looseness, vibration and heating, there will be leaking phenomenon in the sealing surface and joints.