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Preparations for start-up of HLM series vertical mill

Release date: 1970-01-01 08:00:00

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1. Preparations before start-up:

(1) Before starting, the following items must be checked:

Whether the power supply voltage is in line with the requirements, voltage below 360 volts is not allowed to start. Check whether the electrical circuit meets the requirements of the drawings.

(2) Check the connection bolts, whether the fastening bolts are tightened, especially the connecting bolts and fastening bolts in the main engine should be tightened by force.

(3) Check whether the belt tightening is appropriate.

(4) Check whether the chain tension of elevator is appropriate.

(5) Fuel and lubricate the filling points according to the provisions of the refueling and lubrication table, and check whether there is oil leakage everywhere. Especially, it is necessary to check the working condition of the pressure device

comprehensively, such as whether the accumulator is filled with nitrogen of the corresponding pressure, whether there is oil leakage in the high-pressure oil station and pipeline, whether the working pressure of the high-pressure oil station can be

adjusted normally, and whether the reversing valve is reliable and effective.

(6) Ensure that the rotating parts of the classifier rotor, grinding roll and grinding plate are free from jamming and metal friction. If necessary, to manual rotate the belt to check the rotating condition of the classifier rotor.

(7) Raise the grinding roll in advance and put it inside the grinding roll to check whether the rotation of the grinding roll is flexible.

(8) Adjust the size of the discharge port of jaw crusher according to the material properties, up to 40 mm.

(9) Check whether the rotation direction of each motor is correct: (a) The rotation direction of the main motor should ensure that the center of the main engine rotates clockwise from top to bottom. (b) The rotating direction of the classifier motor should ensure that the rotating direction of the blade turntable is clockwise, (c) the direction of the blower: Seen from the end of the belt pulley of the blower transmission seat as clockwise rotation.

(10) Check the electronic control cabinet: Because of the shaking of the transportation process, the manufacturer is afraid that the contacts of the AC contactor will be damaged, so a white line is tied up before delivery. The white line should be loosened before starting the machine; otherwise the switch cannot be "automatic".