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Start-up of the HLM vertical grinding mill:

Release date: 6728-06-15 15:52:45

vertical mill,vertical grinding mill

Start-up of the grinding mill must be carried out in the following procedures:

1)        Start the elevator.

2)        Start the crusher; upon start, the material can be fed for crushing so that the hopper is filled with a certain amount of material.

3)        Start the lubrication station, adjust the oil pressure, and pay attention whether the oil temperature meets requirements. If the temperature is low, open the heating device; if the temperature is high, provide cooling water to the cooler.

4)        Lift the roller; lift the two rollers with a pressure device off the disc to ensure that the motor can start without load. Before that:

5)        Start the pulse controller.

6)        Start the motor of classifier; reset the speed controller to zero position and start the motor, and then adjust its speed to the value required.

7)        Start the blower.

8)        Start the main unit, pay attention to no-load current, check the grinding mill idling with or without abnormal noise, and check the lubricant supply once again.

9)        Start the belt conveyor, and adjust the feed rate according to the load of main unit or blower. In 30-60 seconds after feed (the specific length of time should be based on the feed volume), operate the high-pressure station to drop the rollers and then turn on the hydraulic pump (pre-set high-pressure working pressure). The high-pressure pump motor may be stopped upon normal operation of the grinding mill.