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Production Process Of Ultrafine Talc Powder| What Is The Uses Of Ultra-fine Talc Powder?

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Talc is a common silicate mineral. It is very soft and has a greasy feel. It often appears as olivine, enstatite pyroxene, amphibole, tremolite and other minerals, and the price is cheaper. After ultra-fine grinding mill, it has special physical and chemical properties, and the return on investment is increasing. The specific production process and process of ultra-fine talc powder. What is the purpose of ultra-fine talc powder?


Production process of ultrafine talc powder

Talc has a Mohs hardness of 1. It is naturally friable and grindable. The production technology of ultra-fine talc powder fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding talc have become a wind vane to measure the quality of talc powder products. Combined with the material characteristics, the main equipment generally adopts super-fine vertical grinding mill. At present, the common production process of ultra-fine talc powder in the domestic and international market is as follows. At the same time, you are welcome to consult and obtain the production scheme suitable for you.


1Ultra fine talc grinding machine

As the main equipment of milling production line, it has three-dimensional structure, small floor area and strong completeness. It forms an independent production system from block material to finished powder. High degree of automation, good and uniform quality of finished fine powder, high sorting accuracy, higher screening rate, and the fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the demand (3-45) μ M adjustable).


2Production process of ultrafine talc powder

  Raw material bin → bucket elevator → jaw crusher → ultra-fine vertical powder mill → electromagnetic vibration feeder → analyzer → powder collector → pipeline device → dust collector → power distribution cabinet → finished product bin, etc.


   【Crushing system】:Talc needs to be pre crushed to within 40mm, and then crushed again after coarse screening. Some talc manufacturers do not screen before coarse crushing. The qualified blocks with small particle size and large talc directly enter the crusher, and the small raw coke undergoes another crushing, making the raw materials finer.


  【Grinding system】:The materials are sent to the ultra-fine vertical powder mill for grinding. The finished products pass through the powder concentrator, enter the cyclone powder collector and pulse dust collector for collection, and are sent to the blower from the lower discharge port


  【Finished product conveying system】:A pneumatic conveying system is installed at the discharge port of the blower to transport the finished products to the finished product bin, and the excess gas is filtered by the dust collector on the top of the bin


  【Dust removal system】:The whole system is equipped with pulse dust collector, and air outlets are installed at all dust raising points to ensure that the whole system has no dust leakage and realize dust-free operation on site


  【Control system】:The system is equipped with intelligent PLC control cabinet and upper computer, which can start, stop, monitor and interlock all equipment of the whole system, and reserve DNS interface to realize remote control


Application of ultrafine talc powder

  1Ultra fine talc powder is used in the plastic industry as a reinforcing filler for polypropylene. In the modification system of polypropylene, the addition of ultra-fine talc powder can not only significantly improve the rigidity, surface hardness, heat creep resistance, electrical insulation and dimensional stability of polypropylene products, but also improve the impact strength of polypropylene.


  2Ultrafine talc powder is used in polyethylene resin industry. Polyethylene filled with it can be used as engineering plastics with good chemical corrosion resistance and fluidity, and can compete with ABS, nylon and polycarbonate


  3Ultrafine talc powder is used in ABS resin industry. The addition of ultra-fine talc powder can not only significantly improve the original performance of ABS, but also reduce the cost. Therefore, it is used for injection molding the shells of various instruments, televisions, tape recorders, mobile phones, etc


  4Ultrafine talc powder is used in preparation industry. As a dispersant of volatile oil, it can significantly improve the medication compliance of patients. The powder coating layer can not only eliminate edges and corners, which is conducive to coating, but also improve the stability of sugar coated tablets. It can be used as a lubricant to reduce the friction between drug powders and improve the fluidity of drug powders.


  5Ultrafine talc powder is used in papermaking industry. The addition of ultra-fine talc powder in the paper industry helps to improve the filler retention rate, improve the transparency, smoothness and printability of the paper, and make the paper have high ink absorption.


  6Ultrafine talc powder is used in cosmetics industry. Ultrafine talc powder is a high-quality filler in the cosmetics industry. Because of its high silicon content, it can block infrared rays and enhance the sunscreen and anti infrared properties of cosmetics.


  7Ultrafine talc powder should be used in ceramic industry. Make ceramics present different colors.


  8Ultrafine talc powder should be used in textile industry. As filler and bleach, such as waterproof cloth, fireproof cloth, wheat flour bag, rope nylon, etc., which can enhance the compactness of the fabric and enhance the properties of heat resistance and acid-base resistance.


Price of ultra-fine talc powder equipment

Equipped with a set of ultra-fine talc powder equipment, according to the market understanding, the level varies, because there are many local enterprises. Differences in raw materials, manufacturing process and quality performance will affect the equipment pricing. In addition, there are many production line configurations, models and specifications, so the prices are slightly different.


For the specific price of ultra-fine talc powder equipment, you can click free online consultation to get the quotation immediately. We not only design and provide technical solutions for free, but also HCM has a global large-scale R & D and manufacturing base for complete grinding equipment. It independently develops and prepares equipment, which is directly in the hands of customers. It is more economical and affordable. You are welcome to visit the factory.

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