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Seek Truth From Facts & Move Forward Hand In Hand| Guilin Hongcheng's Management Meeting For The Third Quarter Of 2021 Was Successfully Concluded

Release date: 2021-10-20 15:12:38

In order to earnestly implement the company's annual general objectives, summarize the work in the past three quarters, deploy the key work in the fourth quarter, and strive to win the battle in the last three months, HCM held the third quarter management meeting on October 16, 2021. Mr. Rong Dongguo, chairman, Mr. Rong Beiguo, vice chairman, Mr. Lin Jun, The general manager, Mr. Wang Qi, Secretary of the board of directors and other leaders and management cadres of various departments of the company attended the meeting.


The meeting is mainly divided into three parts: work summary of the third quarter and work plan of the fourth quarter, work report of middle-level cadres and commendation of advanced teams and individuals.


First of all, the meeting listened to the detailed report of the heads of all departments / centers of the company on the work of the third quarter and the work plan of the fourth quarter. Through reporting and communication, the management cadres at all levels of the company have a clearer understanding of the overall work objectives of the company and the work status of each department, so as to make concerted efforts to strengthen the coordination and cooperation between departments and make more careful deployment and prospect for the key work in the fourth quarter from the reality, from the self and under the leadership of the senior management.


At the meeting, Mr. Lin Jun, the general manager, took the lead in affirming the steady progress of sales performance in the third quarter of 2021, and vividly discussed the new situation and tasks faced by Guilin Hongcheng with specific examples. Therefore, first, the company's leadership should take this as the fundamental foothold, calmly analyze opportunities and challenges, advocate all management cadres to strengthen self-learning and constantly strengthen their professional quality and management level. Second, we should strengthen top-level design, solve practical problems, vigorously integrate resource advantages through standardization, coordination, change and transformation, break through innovation, efficient production, and improve department management level and collaborative efficiency. Third, we should have the courage to make changes. Only when every HCM team member dares to challenge himself, jump out of the comfort zone and constantly make changes according to the development needs of the company can we usher in new development opportunities. Mr. Lin, the general manager, encouraged the management cadres. With the Baoshan Industrial Park put into use next year, the development of the company will enter a new level. It is hoped that all management cadres will keep up with the company's development pace, be goal-oriented, and cultivate systematic management thinking and ability through continuous learning, so as to promote the company to achieve practical improvement in technology, quality and service, so as to meet customers' expectations for HCM. Only by truly creating value for customers can Hongcheng have opportunities for sustainable development.


The second agenda of the meeting is that all middle-level management cadres report on their work in the third quarter. 2021 is drawing to a close. All middle-level management cadres review their achievements and shortcomings in their work, and take this opportunity to sum up experience and accumulate lessons, so as to lay a good foundation for the smooth development of work in the fourth quarter. The report evaluation team composed of senior leaders conducted on-site questions, comments and scores for the report content, affirmed the achievements and progress, and put forward improvement opinions and requirements for the full completion of the company's business objectives in 2021.


The summary and sharing of various departments gave you a more comprehensive and clear understanding of the company's development. The encouragement and Prospect of senior leaders encouraged you. The company's achievements in the third quarter are inseparable from the efforts of each Hongcheng family, and the examples emerging from ordinary posts deeply interpret the Hongcheng spirit of struggle, enterprising, innovation and dedication. Congratulations to Chen Xiang, the marketing center, Li Wenqiang, the technology center, Chen Xue, Li Jiayu, LAN rule and others of the cold surfacing material preparation section. Honor is not only an encouragement, an example, but also a spur. It is an invisible force to form a positive working atmosphere and promote the development of the enterprise. There is a long way to go in the future. Let's continue to work together, move forward sonorously and create brilliance.


Towards the end of the meeting, chairman Rong Dongguo made a concluding speech. He said that the meeting was a complete success, and especially proposed that the reporting link of middle-level management cadres not only had a systematic understanding of the work of various departments, but also found that the management team had a large number of talents and fresh blood. Facing the turning point of the new era and the requirements of the times, the development of HCM needs to constantly inject new vitality. He sees HCM's hope from the valiant demeanor of the company's emerging management forces.


Mr. Rong Dongguo, chairman of the board of directors, specially stressed that the theme of this meeting is to seek truth from facts and advance together. First, our management cadres at all levels should start from themselves, base everything on facts, start from the reality of work, analyze and solve problems. Second, we should dare to criticize and self-criticism, dare to take responsibility, face and solve problems. Third, teamwork, mutual assistance and cooperation among departments should be the basic tone of our work. A "cooperative team" must be the most powerful guarantee for Hongcheng to achieve its goals. I hope every management can deeply understand and firmly practice the above three principles, constantly challenge and surpass themselves, comprehensively shape new advantages of high-quality development, and provide customers with more excellent products and high-quality services.


The third quarter management meeting of HCMilling (Guilin Hongcheng) not only put forward new requirements and new objectives for the company's management. It is also based on the service spirit of being responsible for customers and creating greater benefits for customers, so as to further improve service and optimize product quality.


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