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The Member Congress And Technical Exchange Meeting Of Guangxi Plastics Industry Association Were Successfully Held!

Release date: 2021-10-30 16:56:26

2021 is a key year for the green innovation and development of the plastic industry. On October 28, in the warm music of joining the club, the 2021 member congress and technical exchange meeting of Guangxi Plastics Industry Association officially kicked off. The theme of this meeting is "Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, taking advantage of the momentum and opening a new journey". It aims to implement the spirit of the two sessions, strive to grasp the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and promote the cooperation among enterprises, associations and governments under the new situation of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutralization". HCM brought new environmental protection and energy-saving milling equipment to the conference to discuss the future of the plastic industry together with many peers in the plastic field.


Industry event & a new chapter of development

Mr. Zhu Wenwei, President of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, delivered a speech. He said that before the opening of the conference, he had the honor to visit the modern production base of HCM headquarters and was deeply impressed by HCM's modern industrial machinery manufacturing process and ultra-fine vertical grinding equipment. The concept of HCM machining is advanced, and the machinery manufacturing plant has a modern and large-scale production scale. At the same time, the processing technology is exquisite, the team construction is orderly and full of vitality. It is hoped that HCM will adhere to the technical direction of "five modernizations", practice its mission, lead innovation, actively promote the plastic processing industry to enter the ranks of advanced countries in the world and make greater contributions.


HCM, as the sponsor and organizer of the conference, made careful preparations to ensure the smooth holding of the whole conference. Mr. Rong Xinguo, chairman of the board of supervisors of HCM, took the stage to deliver a welcome speech. He said that he sincerely thanked Guangxi Plastics Industry Association for giving Guilin Hongcheng the opportunity to do our best to provide better services for guests and friends and contribute to the successful holding of the conference.


Mr. Rong Xinguo also said that he would like to take this opportunity to sincerely welcome all guests and friends to visit and investigate HCM base and large customers around Guilin. The company's main products include HLM series vertical roller mills, HLMX series super-fine vertical grinding mills, HCH series ultra-fine ring roller mills, HC series vertical pendulum grinding mills, etc. grindable materials are widely used in the plastic industry, Help the plastic industry develop with high quality and stability.


HCM manufactures professional pulverizer products

With the smooth progress of the conference, many big players in the plastic industry came to the stage for technology sharing and exchange. With the theme of Guilin Hongcheng plastic filler pulverizing solution, Ms. Xie of HCM marketing department introduced the wide application of HCM powder equipment in the field of plastic filler pulverizing.


Since the deep ploughing pulverizer industry, HCM has been adhering to the business philosophy of quality and service, absorbing and learning from advanced grinding technology, market-oriented, enhancing the ability of independent innovation, leading the development direction of the industry in the large-scale, fine, environmental protection and intelligence of pulverizing equipment, and contributing a complete set of excellent pulverizing solutions to the field of plastic filler pulverizing.


At the same time, we also set up booths in the exhibition area to present the company's fist products in the field of milling and milling, and introduce the skills of these sharp tools to the visiting enterprises. These equipment have large output, low energy consumption, low noise and good powder quality. They have served tens of thousands of customers and are deeply recognized by the industry.


Appreciation dinner

Mr. He Bing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and head of Lingui District of Guilin city and deputy director of the Management Committee of Guilin economic and Technological Development Zone, sent his best wishes for the smooth convening of the member congress and technical exchange meeting of Guangxi Plastics Industry Association. He also said that relying on the advantages of international tourist attractions, Guilin will strengthen its position as a regional comprehensive transportation hub, give full play to its regional advantages, vigorously support enterprises and investors to settle in Guilin, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and make new contributions to the economic and social development of Guilin.


Awards such as outstanding contribution award, contribution award, excellence award and excellence award were presented at the dinner. HCM won the outstanding contribution award. I believe that with your efforts, it will write a new chapter in the development of the plastic industry.


HCM warmly congratulates Guangxi Plastics Industry Association on the successful convening of the member congress and technical exchange meeting, and sincerely thanks Guangxi Plastics Industry Association for providing this grand exchange platform. The exchange and discussion of the member congress and technical exchange meeting of Guangxi Plastics Industry Association brought new inspiration and thinking to the development of the plastics industry, made continuous breakthroughs and innovations, and promoted the plastics industry to move forward.


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