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Author: guilin hong cheng        Views: 3        Release date: 2021-11-29 14:01:32

Nowadays, the state pays special attention to the problem of environmental pollution and continuously issues relevant policies. Now it is severely punished for the problem of air pollution. It is the key to master these points for ore crushing and fine grinding mill.


Ore crushing and fine grinding mill machine is the key factor for making fine powder from ore

The production line of ore fine mill is the key to making fine powder from ore. The national compulsory construction standard has been issued. In order to produce high-quality ore crushing and fine grinding mill, at least no dust overflow needs to be guaranteed. The fineness of finished products can reach the production standard fineness and improve the efficiency and output of the whole production line. HCMilling (Guilin Hongcheng) ore crushing fine grinding mill has many advantages, such as small floor area, full negative pressure operation, dust collection rate as high as 99.9%, and can basically realize dust-free workshop.


Improving the dust collection efficiency of ore crushing fine grinding mill can improve the income

Therefore, what is the dust collection efficiency of the ore crushing fine grinding mill? Capacity and energy consumption are the concerns of many customers. Because a large amount of dust overflows, it means that the environmental protection is not qualified and faces the risk of shutdown by the state. The amount of production capacity and energy consumption directly affects the income of wealth.


HCM ore grinding mill is an ideal equipment for large-scale production of ultra-fine powder. The production efficiency, material type, equipment selection, operation level, maintenance and other factors of ore crushing and fine grinding mill are important.


1. Material type

The ore crushing fine grinding mill produced by HCM has a wide range of applications. It can grind more than 200 kinds of materials with Mohs hardness below grade 7 and humidity within 6%. The hardness and humidity of materials can directly affect the production capacity of ore grinding mill. The harder the material is, the harder it is to grind, and the lower the output is naturally. If the moisture content of the material is too high, the material will adhere to the machine, causing material blockage during discharge, and the output will be reduced. Therefore, the production capacity cannot be reached.


2. Equipment Selection

A good ore grinding mill can get twice the result with half the effort. In the face of different capacity requirements, we choose different types of equipment. HCM has ore superfine vertical grinding mills, including HLMX1000, HLMX1100, HLMX1300, HLMX1500, HLMX1700, HLMX1900, HLMX2200, HLMX2400 and other models. They have high crushing efficiency and long service life.


3. Operation level

Some customers will feel that when they buy the ore crushing fine grinding mill, they can press the button to start it. In fact, the University asked when the equipment was bought and operated. We need to pay attention to the size and quantity of feeding equipment. If the feeding size is too large, it will cause blocking or long grinding time, resulting in increased energy consumption. Excessive one-time feeding causes uneven feeding, large machine vibration and short service life of ore crushing fine grinding mill. If it is serious, it will cause material blockage, ore crushing, fine grinding mill idling, etc.


4. Maintenance

Regular maintenance of equipment is very important. After using the ore crushing fine grinding mill produced by HCM for a period of time, lubricating oil must be added to the grinding roller device of the ore crushing fine grinding mill in time. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the grinding roller and grinding disc are damaged during grinding. If deformation occurs, it shall be repaired in time to avoid failure and reduce production efficiency.


With the continuous improvement of EIA requirements, the ore crushing fine grinding mill developed and produced by HCM provides customers with a dust-free workshop in strict accordance with the requirements of environmental protection, which ensures zero pollution to the atmosphere and enables customers to obtain ideal wealth.


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