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What Kind Of Potassium Feldspar Grinding Mill Can Be Processed Ultrafine Potassium Feldspar Powder?The Application of Ultrafine Potassium Feldspar Powder

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Potassium feldspar belongs to the monoclinic crystal system, usually flesh red, white or gray, mainly orthoclase, microplagioclase, striped feldspar, etc., commonly used in ceramic blanks, ceramic glazes, glass, electric porcelain, abrasive materials, etc. Industrial sector and the production of potash fertilizers. HLMX Potassium feldspar super-fine vertical roller mill and HCH Potassium feldspar ultrafine ring roller mill are commonly used equipment for the production of ultra-fine potassium feldspar powder. Crusher, elevator, storage bin, feeder, dust removal system, electronic control system, etc. are the processing technology of ultra-fine potassium feldspar. The essential equipment in the process, what are the uses of ultra-fine potassium feldspar powder? What is the price of the Potassium feldspar grinding mill equipment? The following is a detailed explanation for you.


What are the uses of ultrafine potassium feldspar powder?

1. Ceramic blanks

The amount of potassium feldspar in the ceramic industry accounts for about 30% of the total amount of potassium feldspar. In the ceramic three-component (ie clay, quartz, feldspar) blank system, in addition to Al2O3 and SiO2, potassium feldspar can also supply Al2O3 and SiO2. Alkali metal oxides can be provided, which are both barren raw materials and flux raw materials.


2. Ceramic glaze

Ceramic glaze is mainly composed of feldspar, quartz and clay raw materials. The most commonly used potassium feldspar can reach 10~35%. It is the main component for the formation of glass phase, with a wide melting range and high high temperature viscosity. , which can widen the melting and maturation temperature range of the glaze, which is beneficial to the formation of porcelain and reduce the firing temperature, improve the gloss, transparency and smoothness of the glaze layer, improve the chemical stability of the glaze layer, and improve the grade and quality of the product. It is mixed with other mineral raw materials to form enamel for the production of enamel glaze, and the amount of potassium feldspar can usually reach 20~30%.


3. Glass industry

The amount used in the glass industry accounts for about 50-60% of the total amount of potassium feldspar, which can provide the Al2O3 required in the glass ingredients, reduce the melting temperature of the glass, reduce the amount of soda ash, and improve the toughness, strength and resistance to acid and alkali erosion of glass. ; The process of potassium feldspar melting into glass is relatively slow, and the crystallization ability is small, which can prevent crystals from precipitating during the formation of glass and affect normal production or glass defects; can adjust the viscosity of the glass and improve the processing adaptability of the glass.


4. Fertilizer industry

The chemical properties of potassium feldspar are extremely stable. Except for hydrofluoric acid, it is hardly decomposed by acid and alkali at normal pressure and normal temperature. The potassium oxide contained in it cannot be directly absorbed by plants as a potassium-containing fertilizer.


5. Fillers and chemical raw materials

Potassium feldspar has excellent apparent whiteness and powder particle size composition, and can be used as a filler in the paper industry; ground feldspar can also be used as a filler for latex, paint and acrylic substances; used for the mixing of welding rods Potassium feldspar can play the role of arc stabilizer and welding liquid pool protector; potassium feldspar is used in the production of ceramic fibers and special filter materials, and can also be used as thermal insulation, electrical insulation and sound insulation materials; potassium feldspar It can be used as one of the raw materials for the production of white cement.


6. Gems

Potassium feldspar with green, blue, bright texture, pure color and less cleavage can be used as gem amazonite, and blue-colored striped feldspar can be used as gem moonstone; albite associated with emerald (symbiotic), commonly known as " Shui Mozi (Shui Moyu)".


How to choose two ultrafine potassium feldspar grinding mill?

(1) HLMX Potassium feldspar superfine vertical roller mill

The grinding mill breaks the bottleneck of ultra-fine powder processing that is difficult to produce on a large scale. It has been successfully applied in many fields and has been widely recognized by the market. The technology is mature and can replace imported equipment. The production capacity reaches 50 tons per hour. It can be adjusted between 22 microns, and the comprehensive investment cost is low.


(2) HCH Potassium feldspar ultra-fine ring roller mill

The grinding mill is a really high-efficiency and energy-saving ultra-fine pulverizing equipment, especially suitable for deep processing of non-metallic ores. The fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily between 5-38μm, and the products with different fineness can better meet the market demand.


How much is the ultrafine potassium feldspar grinding mill?

Ultrafine potassium feldspar powder has a wide range of uses. There are many ultrafine potassium feldspar grinding mill manufacturers in China. Different manufacturers have different quotations for equipment, mainly due to factors such as equipment model, material selection, and technology. The price of equipment varies. , the price of this equipment in the market ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of RMB, and the actual quotation needs to be consulted with the corresponding manufacturer's business personnel. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) has the above two types of ultra-fine potassium feldspar grinding mill equipment. What do you have? Welcome to contact us, we will arrange professional sales engineers to make one-to-one equipment selection and program quotation for you.

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