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What Aluminum Hydroxide Grinding Mill Equipment Is Used For Aluminum Hydroxide Grinding?

Release date: 2023-02-10 17:17:58

At present, aluminum hydroxide is an inorganic flame retardant additive with large amount and wide application. As a flame retardant, it can not only be flame retardant, but also prevent smoke, no drop and no toxic gas. Aluminum hydroxide powder is widely used as filler in resin film products. The aluminum hydroxide powder used as filler is obtained by grinding aluminum hydroxide raw material through aluminum hydroxide grinding. So, what grinding mill equipment is used for aluminum hydroxide grinding? HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) is the manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide grinding mill. We recommend that you choose aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill to mill aluminum hydroxide powder.


HLM aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill 

The production line of aluminum hydroxide grinding machine is relatively simple. The process of aluminum hydroxide grinding in China is usually to weigh raw materials and put them into the silo. The materials in the silo are transferred to the silo by the elevator. The materials in the silo pass through the vibrating screen and then enter the aluminum hydroxide grinding machine for grinding and screening and grading. During the grinding process, the dust collector is used for dust collection. After the material is grinded into powder, it enters the finished product silo and is packed by the packaging machine to realize the processing of aluminum hydroxide powder. Which aluminum hydroxide grinding machine is better for aluminum hydroxide grinding? The traditional process uses the continuous ball mill system. As the aluminum hydroxide grinding mill equipment, the ball mill has the following defects: the raw material warehouse, ball mill, grader and packaging equipment in the plant area are integrated, and the staff cannot observe and detect the aluminum hydroxide powder being processed in each step, and cannot quickly obtain the current processing status of the aluminum hydroxide powder. After processing, The aluminum hydroxide powder with improper particle size and substandard quality will be packed and transported directly through packaging equipment, which will affect the overall quality qualification rate of aluminum hydroxide powder. Therefore, in order to better observe and detect the aluminum hydroxide powder during processing and control the corresponding equipment, the production system needs to be improved.


However, using aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill to grind aluminum hydroxide powder can monitor the status of aluminum hydroxide powder in real time, respond in time, control the process of equipment in real time, improve the processing effect of aluminum hydroxide powder, and improve the product quality. The aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill can intuitively obtain the processing condition of the powder inside the equipment, which can facilitate the staff to know the grinding condition of the powder in the aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill and the state of the powder when it is discharged, so as to facilitate the staff to adjust the grinding and drying temperature of the powder, so as to ensure the best feeding speed, grinding speed and drying temperature, and improve the powder processing efficiency, The aluminum hydroxide powder with better quality is produced. At the same time, the aluminum hydroxide powder milled by the aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill is spherical, which optimizes the fluidity of the powder; The aluminum hydroxide grinding process can add additives at the same time, and can properly control the oil absorption value of the powder; The crushing principle of aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill determines that it relies more on the force between materials, which also ensures the purity and whiteness of powder better; Moreover, materials with moisture content less than 20% can be dried directly through the vertical roller mill system, and the viscosity of the powder is low. With the accelerated pace of industrial upgrading, the aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill with higher product compatibility has become the ideal choice for aluminum hydroxide grinding mill equipment on the premise that its own characteristics overlap the needs of the application field.


The principle of different mechanical grinding mill equipment is different, and the physical and chemical properties of powder products are also quite different. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng), which has more comprehensive product lines such as aluminum hydroxide Raymond mill, aluminum hydroxide ultrafine ring roller mill and aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill, can feel the market change directly from the change of customer demand. The humidity of aluminum hydroxide feed is relatively high, and materials with up to 15% moisture content can be dried in the mill. Compared with traditional grinding production, the drying and re-crushing process is reduced; Secondly, the powder has good fluidity, and the output bagging can avoid the suffering of discharging blockage; In addition, the grinding form and grinding efficiency of aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill greatly reduce the internal pollution of materials, which is conducive to ensuring the whiteness; There are other advantages of aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill production line, such as compact structure and smaller floor space. Therefore, for aluminum hydroxide grinding mill, HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) recommends you choose HLM series aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill to process aluminum hydroxide powder. If you have more questions about the processing project plan and process design of aluminum hydroxide grinding mill, please contact HCM online to learn more about the equipment details of aluminum hydroxide grinding mill.