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Pyrophyllite Superfine Grinding Process | Manufacturer Of Pyrophyllite Superfine Grinding Mill Machine

Release date: 2023-02-24 14:03:09

Pyrophyllite belongs to clay minerals with low hardness, only 1-2, and is mainly used in ceramics, glass fiber, refractory and other industries. How about the pyrophyllite superfine grinding process and the latest quotation of pyrophyllite ultra-fine mill machine? HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng), the manufacturer of pyrophyllite superfine grinding mill machine, will introduce it to you.


There are many types of pyrophyllite ores, such as quartz pyrophyllite, kaolinite pyrophyllite, sericite pyrophyllite and pure pyrophyllite. The content of pyrophyllite used in industry is generally required to be more than 50%. The whiteness of pyrophyllite after grinding is generally more than 80%, that of high grade pyrophyllite can be more than 90%, and that of pyrophyllite after calcination can be more than 96%. Pyrophyllite minerals are mainly used in ceramic, glass fiber and refractory industries, in addition to making carving products and exporting. In recent years, new uses of pyrophyllite have been gradually developed, such as the production of coatings, wall panels, white cement, cosmetics, etc.


The process of pyrophyllite ultrafine grinding mill is a front link in the industrial application of pyrophyllite. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng), the manufacturer of pyrophyllite superfine micro-powder grinding mill, introduced a special type of pyrophyllite superfine micro-powder, namely HCH series pyrophyllite ultrafine ring roller mill. The raw pyrophyllite ore is ultra-fine grinded and finely screened by the multi-layer rolling and pneumatic powder separation process, which can produce ultra-fine pyrophyllite powder from 325 mesh to 1500 mesh. HCH pyrophyllite ultra-fine ring roller mill has both the performance and effect of air flow mill and impact mill, and its hourly capacity is greater than these two equipment, which can realize the technological scale processing of pyrophyllite ultra-fine mill.


As the manufacturer of pyrophyllite ultrafine powder grinding mill, HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) has strong production and R&D strength, and can develop various series of special ultrafine powder grinding mill according to the special properties of different materials. The equipment is stable and wear-resistant, the process is simple and mature, the system is low noise, low dust and environmental protection, which can create great benefits for the manufacturers of pyrophyllite grinding mill. What is the latest quotation of pyrophyllite superfine grinding mill machine? It also depends on the scale of the project to carry out reasonable selection and design. If you need to consult HCM, the manufacturer of pyrophyllite ultrafine powder grinding mill.


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