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Production of Petroleum Drilling Grade Barite Powder Requirements For Drilling Mud Barite Grinding Mill Equipment

Release date: 2023-02-27 09:51:53

In recent years, oil-based drilling fluid has been used more and more in deep and ultra-deep wells, but barite resources with a density of 4.2g/cm3 are being depleted. At present, barite is still the weighting material that is really accepted and widely used by the petroleum engineering industry. Therefore, the selection of drilling mud barite grinding mill equipment is particularly important for the production of petroleum drilling grade barite powder. As the manufacturer of drilling mud barite grinding mill machine equipment, the drilling mud barite grinding mill machine equipment produced by HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng), such as barite Raymond mill, barite ultra-fine vertical mill, barite ultra-fine ring roller mill, has been widely used in the production of petroleum drilling grade barite powder. The following describes the requirements for drilling mud barite processing equipment for the production of petroleum drilling grade barite powder.


HLMX barite ultra-fine vertical mill

The production process of petroleum drilling grade barite powder is relatively simple. The process flow of barite grinding mill is roughly divided into: raw ore → feeding → crushing → lifting → grinding → grading → collection, etc. The specific steps are as follows: first, the raw barite ore is broken by jaw crusher; Then it is fed into the silo from the bottom to the top by the bucket elevator, and then fed into the barite grinding mill evenly and quantitatively by the electromagnetic vibration feeder for full grinding; The ground barite powder will complete the grading operation under the combined action of the analyzer and blower, and the unqualified fine powder will be sent back to the main mill machine for regrinding; The powder that meets the fineness requirements after classification will enter into the dust collector along with the pipeline device for separation and collection, and finally will be uniformly sent to the finished product silo, which can be packed with a powder tanker.


HCH barite ultra-fine ring roller mill

What are the requirements of the production of petroleum drilling grade barite powder for drilling mud barite grinding mill machine equipment? The following are the production requirements for petroleum drilling grade barite powder:

1. Micro-powdering: Researchers have prepared and evaluated different types of high-density oil-based drilling fluids, including micro-powdered barite, micro-powdered ilmenite, manganous oxide and API barite. It is found that compared with the traditional weighting material API barite, the application of ultra-fine powder technology can greatly optimize the high densityρ≥ 2.3 g/cm3). Its apparent viscosity, plastic viscosity and gel strength all decreased by 30%~50%, the dynamic suspension stability of the fluid was greatly improved, and torque and friction were reduced. Secondly, the amount of emulsifier is reduced by about 50%, which reduces the preparation cost of high-density oil-based drilling fluid.


2. Particle size distribution and particle grading: Practice shows that the particle size distribution and particle grading of solid particles in high-density drilling fluid have a significant impact on the rheology and filtration wall-building properties of drilling fluid. Miao Hailong and other researchers have shown that the reasonable grain size distribution of barite powder can help fine particles fill the pores of coarse particles, improve the efficiency of solid particle accumulation, reduce the permeability of filter cake, and improve the filtration and wall-building properties of high-density slurry. The experimental results show that when the composite ratio of super-grade barite powder and fine-grained barite powder processed by barite grinding mill is 2:1, the rheological property and filtration wall-building property of high-density experimental slurry are better.


From the above research results, it can be seen that the production of petroleum drilling grade barite powder is mainly reflected in the refining, particle size distribution and particle grading of the finished products for the drilling mud barite grinding mill equipment. As the manufacturer of drilling mud barite grinding mill machine equipment, HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) recommends you choose HC series large barite Raymond mill machine as the equipment for drilling mud barite processing. Barite Raymond mill is a commonly used equipment for producing drilling barite powder in the industry. Its main advantage is accurate particle size control. The barite Raymond mill produced by HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) is a large-scale product formed on the basis of the traditional R series Raymond mill. The fineness range of its products is 38-180 μ M (80-400 mesh), which can meet the expanding industrial scale production demand of drilling barite powder, make up for the gap of large pendulum mill in China, expand the application field of pendulum mill, and greatly improve the equipment efficiency of users in terms of production capacity and unit energy consumption.


If you have a production demand for petroleum drilling grade barite powder, you are welcome to contact HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng), the manufacturer of drilling mud barite grinding mill equipment, to provide you with a scientific and reasonable production system configuration plan for petroleum drilling grade barite powder. Please contact mkt@hcmilling.com or call at +86-773-3568321, HCM will tailor for you the most suitable grinding mill program based on your needs, more details please check www.hcmilling.com. Our selection engineer will plan scientific equipment configuration for you and quote for you.