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What Is The Price Of 1250 Mesh Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill? Latest Quotation Of Calcium Powder Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Release date: 2023-03-14 10:24:19

1250 mesh calcium carbonate grinding mill is a common equipment for processing ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder. 1250 mesh is also a common specification of ultrafine heavy calcium powder, which is widely used. What is the latest price of 1250 mesh calcium carbonate grinding mill? How many tons per hour? What are the downstream applications of 1250 mesh calcium carbonate? Before considering the project, these may be your concerns.


calcium carbonate ultra-fine vertical mill

Calcium carbonate is a very common industrial inorganic filler. Because of its rich raw material resources, convenient access and simple processing technology, it has become a common filler in many industrial fields. Directly grinding the ore rich in calcium carbonate into fine powder is called heavy calcium carbonate. The whole process is relatively simple. After crushing the ore into small particles, it is sent to the mill for grinding. After meeting the fineness requirements, it is graded out and collected by the dust collection equipment, which is the finished product of heavy calcium carbonate. Which ores are rich in calcium carbonate? Common ores include calcite, marble, White Marble, shell, chalk, limestone, etc. If 1250 mesh superfine calcium carbonate powder is to be produced, high-quality raw materials are calcite, marble and White Marble.


What fields are 1250 mesh calcium carbonate downstream used in? It can be used in plastic, rubber, paint, paper, non-woven fabrics, sealant, ink, paint, daily chemical and other industries. The calcium carbonate used in the rubber and plastic industry can be more than 400 meshes, and 1250 meshes are generally used in high-end rubber and plastic products, such as PVC products, cable materials, tires, engineering plastics, etc. The paint industry mainly includes latex paint, powder paint, automobile paint, anti-corrosion paint, etc.


Next, let's talk about the price of 1250 mesh calcium carbonate grinding mill. There are two types of 1250 mesh calcium carbonate grinding mills, calcium carbonate ultra-fine ring roller mill, and calcium carbonate ultra-fine vertical mill. The investment scale and production capacity of the two types of equipment are different. Calcium carbonate ultra-fine ring roller mill is a relatively economical and practical ultra-fine grinding mill equipment, with a general capacity of less than 10 tons, a small area of land and a small investment, mostly hundreds of thousands of yuan; Calcium carbonate ultra-fine vertical mill belongs to high-end ultra-fine grinding mill equipment, with a capacity of more than 20 tons, compact layout, stable quality of finished products, and generally larger investment, ranging from more than one million to several million or even more than ten million yuan.


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