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How About A Barite Vertical Mill For Barite Grinding?

Release date: 2023-03-17 14:30:03

Barite vertical grinding mill is one of the main advances in dry ultrafine grinding technology in recent years, characterized by large single machine production capacity, low energy consumption per unit product, narrow particle size distribution, good purity, high whiteness, and good fluidity of the products produced. In recent years, due to the escalating energy costs, the continuous improvement of product quality requirements in downstream use industries, and the high energy consumption in the processing of white non-metallic minerals, the industry has aroused a demand for the development of new energy-saving mills. Barite vertical grinding mill are widely recognized by the white non-metallic ore ultrafine processing industry due to their unique energy-saving effects.


barite vertical mill

Therefore, how about a barite vertical mill for barite grinding? In the following, HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng), a barite vertical mill manufacturer, will provide you with analysis and solutions.


Barite is mainly used in petroleum drilling mud, fillers, coatings, and chemical products due to its high density (4.3 to 4.5 g/cm), low oil absorption, and good thermal stability. Although the use of barite in drilling mud is the largest, its added value is not high. Currently, in the field of high-tech and high value-added utilization of barite abroad, barite is mainly used to replace white pigments to precipitate barium sulfate and titanium dioxide for use in coatings, rubber and plastics, and adhesives. Such products require a narrow particle size distribution, and the lower the content of iron oxide, the better. China is also currently engaged in the development of such high-tech and high value-added barite. Therefore, a high-tech company in China has used the same grade of raw materials to conduct experimental comparisons with barite vertical grinding mills, ball mills, ring roller mills, and air flow mills when selecting equipment for the deep processing of barite. In particular, the Fe2O content in its products has been investigated. The results are shown in the figure.


How about a barite vertical mill for barite grinding? It can be seen from the table that the particle size distribution of products produced by barite vertical mills, barite ultrafine ring roller mills, and air flow mills is significantly narrow, and the content of iron oxide in the products meets market application indicators. From the perspective of energy consumption, scale, and equipment operation stability, selecting a barite vertical grinding mill is the most ideal choice. Barite vertical grinding mill technology and equipment is a new energy saving and consumption reduction technology strongly advocated by the country, representing the high technical level, high-tech content, and high automation level in the field of powder grinding today. As one of the main advances in dry ultrafine grinding mill technology in recent years, practice has proven that the vertical grinding mill process of barite meets the requirements of barite grinding, namely, the principle of low energy consumption per unit product and high whiteness of the product.


For barite grinding mill and processing enterprises, the application of high-efficiency and energy-saving barite vertical grinding mill technology and equipment is conducive to enhancing their competitive strength in the industry. If you have relevant requirements, please contact mkt@hcmilling.com or call at +86-773-3568321, HCM will tailor for you the most suitable grinding mill program based on your needs, more details please check www.hcmilling.com. Our selection engineer will plan scientific equipment configuration for you and quote for you.