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How To Improve The Wear Resistance Of The Equipment For Processing Brown Corundum Grinding Mill Machines?

Release date: 2023-03-20 16:40:34

The abradability of the equipment for processing brown corundum grinding mill Machines must be high, otherwise it is necessary to frequently replace vulnerable parts, which not only increases maintenance costs, but also affects normal operating capacity. Therefore, how can the abrasion resistance of the processing brown corundum grinding mill machine equipment be guaranteed and improved?


HC Series Pendulum Brown Corundum Raymond Mill

Let's first briefly understand what brown corundum is and its uses. By mixing bauxite, coke, and iron filings into an electric arc furnace for smelting, a brown artificial corundum, also known as brown corundum, is produced. This is a material mainly composed of aluminum oxide. The higher the aluminum content, the greater the hardness. Therefore, there is a distinction between high aluminum, medium aluminum, and low aluminum.


Brown corundum has the characteristics of high purity, good crystallization, strong fluidity, low linear expansion coefficient, and corrosion resistance. It is the most basic abrasive, with good grinding performance, and a wide range of applications. It can be used in most abrasive environments, such as environmentally friendly sandblasting, free grinding, resin abrasive, coated abrasive, and hydraulic cutting. In addition, brown corundum is also a high-quality refractory material that can be produced into various types of advanced refractory products such as refractory bricks, castables, and so on. Brown corundum can also be used as a filter medium, drilling mud weighting agent, and so on. Brown corundum is also known as industrial teeth, indicating that its hardness is often relatively high.


According to international standards, brown corundum can be divided into different particle sizes, ranging from F4 to F320, with both granular and powdered materials. Common fine powder specifications include 100 mesh, 150 mesh, 180 mesh, 200 mesh, 220 mesh, and 320 mesh. The production of these fine brown corundum powders involves the grinding process. Due to the hardness of brown corundum, the wear resistance of the equipment for processing brown corundum grinding mill machines is crucial. If the hardness of vulnerable parts such as the grinding roller, ring liner, and blade is not sufficient, significant wear will occur during the processing of brown corundum grinding powder. Once the grinding roller of the grinding ring is severely worn, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner, otherwise the fineness and productivity will be affected. Frequent replacement of vulnerable parts undoubtedly increases the production cost of the enterprise, and will also suspend production due to replacement, affecting the overall production capacity.


HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) brown corundum grinding mill machine equipment HC Series Pendulum Brown Corundum Raymond Mill Machine uses special wear-resistant materials to produce wearing parts such as grinding rollers and rings. It also has special wear-resistant treatment for the inner wall of the lining plate, making it more wear-resistant and durable when processing brown corundum grinding, and extending its service life. This greatly improves production efficiency, saves costs, and creates more benefits for the enterprise.


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