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How To Adjust The Specific Surface Area Of Raymond Mill? Raymond Mill Fineness Adjustment

Release date: 2023-05-25 09:37:51

How to adjust the specific surface area of Raymond mill, that is, how to adjust the fineness of the finished product of Raymond mill? The normal range of fineness for Raymond grinding mill finished products is from 80 to 400 mesh, so how to adjust the fineness between 80 and 400 mesh?


There are several units that represent the fineness of powder particles, commonly including mesh size, micrometer, specific surface area, and settling volume. The specific surface area is generally widely used in the cement and mineral powder industry, and the unit of specific surface area is m ²/ g. Or /kg, the larger the value, the finer the powder. The specific surface area of normal mineral powder is 420-450 /kg. The fineness of Raymond mill is generally expressed directly in terms of mesh size, with a normal range of 80 to 400 mesh sizes. The larger the mesh size, the finer the powder. If converted to microns, it is 180 microns to 38 microns. The larger the number of microns, the thicker the powder.


After introducing the common units of powder fineness, let's learn how Raymond Mill adjusts the specific surface area. The Raymond grinding system belongs to the pneumatic conveying system, which uses air flow to blow the ground powder into the classifier, which continuously rotates for screening. After the powder reaches the qualified fineness, it will smoothly pass through the classifier and be blown out to become a finished product. If the fineness is not reached, it will continue to grind. The fineness of the finished product of Naremon mill is directly related to the speed of the classifier and the size of the wind force. The faster the blades of the classifier rotate or the smaller the wind force, the finer the powder produced. Conversely, the slower the classifier rotates or the stronger the wind force, the thicker the powder produced. As long as we master this rule, we can reasonably adjust the specific surface area of Raymond grinding products by adjusting the speed of the classifier blades and the power of the blower appropriately.


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