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What Kind Of Limestone Mill Equipment Is Needed To Grind 3000 Mesh Limestone ultrafine Powder?| Professional Limestone Ultrafine Mill

Release date: 2023-05-26 14:56:27

What kind of limestone grinding mill equipment is suitable for grinding 3000 mesh limestone ultrafine powder? 3000 mesh can be regarded as ultrafine powder in the particle size of the powder, and it is difficult to achieve this fineness with ordinary mills. Continue to look down on the equipment recommendation of the 3000 mesh limestone ultrafine mill.


As a common non-metallic mineral, limestone is widely distributed and abundant in reserves. The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate. Calcium powder can be made by directly crushing and grinding limestone. However, limestone raw ore generally has more impurities and low calcium content, so the whiteness is also average. There are few particularly white raw ores, and most of them are Slightly bluish-gray. This kind of low-grade limestone is not recommended to grind ultra-fine powder, it is suitable for grinding coarse powder, and the market competitiveness of ultra-fine powder is weak. If it is high-quality limestone, you can consider grinding ultra-fine powder, but it is rarely ground to 3000 mesh, generally 400/600/800 mesh. The raw ore for the production of 3000-mesh ultrafine calcium powder is mainly high-grade calcite or marble, which requires high whiteness and high calcium content, so that the calcium powder produced has a competitive advantage and can create value.


However, there are still many customers who will come to consult, what kind of limestone grinding mill equipment is used for 3000 mesh limestone ultrafine powder? Dry grinding to 3000 mesh is a relatively fine output particle size, which cannot be achieved by ordinary limestone Raymond mills or limestone coarse powder vertical mills, and limestone ultra-fine vertical mills are required. This is an equipment suitable for large-scale production of ultra-fine calcium carbonate developed on the basis of limestone coarse powder vertical mill, with many upgrades for ultra-fine powder processing, especially the upgrade of screening technology. The equipment has stable performance, energy saving, high screening accuracy, and has been successfully applied in calcium carbonate projects.


Finally, let’s introduce which industries and fields the 3000 mesh limestone ultrafine powder is mainly used in. This involves the downstream high-end application of ultrafine calcium carbonate. It is mainly used in high-end rubber and plastics, coatings, paper and ink, medicine, biology and other fields. The demand is not large, but the unit price of finished products is relatively high.


limestone ultrafine vertical mill is generally recommended. However, the limestone raw ore is really high-grade, it can also be used to make such high-end mineral products.


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