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Hongcheng Mill promotes the sustainable development of green mining industry in Southeast Asia

Release date: 2023-06-10 14:45:59

The 12th China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum and Promotion Exhibition came to an end not long ago. Under the background of the theme of "joining hands in the 'Belt and Road' construction and seeking sustainable development of the green mining industry", the mining cooperation between China and ASEAN countries will be more Close and in-depth, the pace of "going out" of domestic mining enterprises will also be more stable. Guilin Hongcheng is a representative enterprise of domestic mine grinding mill machinery. Its high-quality grinding mills have been successfully used in the mining industry in Southeast Asia, and will continue to promote the sustainable development of green mining in Southeast Asia.


Southeast Asia is rich in mineral resources with various types. In addition to oil, natural gas, coal and other energy resources, there are also abundant metal ore and non-metal ore resources. Ore, barite, kaolin, calcium carbonate, gypsum, bentonite, etc. In recent years, with the successful holding of the China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum, there have been frequent mining cooperation projects between China and ASEAN countries, and the breadth and depth of cooperation have been strengthened year by year. There are more and more domestically produced mining machinery and equipment in large and small mines in Southeast Asia.


Guilin Hongcheng, as a powerful group in the domestic grinding mill equipment manufacturing enterprises, has always been customer-centric for decades, and has won wide acclaim from customers with high-quality products and services. At the same time, HCM has the right to export independently. From the initial stage of the factory, the first mill was shipped overseas, and now it has become the main force in the export of domestic mineral grinding mills. HCM Grinding mill has successfully served more than 20 countries and regions, and has reached in-depth cooperation with world giants in some industries, with projects in many countries.


As an important hub connecting China and Southeast Asia, Guangxi, China has obvious location advantages, and Guilin Hongcheng, which was successfully selected as the first batch of leading industrial enterprises in Guangxi, has played a positive role in promoting mining cooperation with Southeast Asia. Leaders of Hongcheng have personally led teams many times to go deep into Southeast Asia to inspect mines and discuss development and cooperation projects. HCM has many popular products, such as HLMX series ore ultra-fine vertical mill, HCH series ore ultra-fine ring roller mill and HC series pendulum ore Raymond mill, etc., which are used in various non-metallic ore processing in Southeast Asia. With stable performance With efficient service, we have won unanimous recognition from local customers.


In the future, Guilin Hongcheng will go abroad and go global with firmer steps, and make unremitting efforts to contribute a global brand to China. The HCM grinding mill with high energy efficiency and strong environmental protection will also continue to contribute to the development of the mining industry in Southeast Asia, and promote its green, intensified and sustainable development path to become wider and wider!