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First grinding Mill Delivered in 2016

Release date: 2016-02-18 17:04:45

In the new spring, the first grinding mill equipment will be delivered to the customer's site. In the shining day, large trunks loading our product marching to the customer. At present, global economy situation is in a depression, but Hongcheng people will face it with persistent and hard working.

Last year, just like other machinery enterprises, Guilin Hongcheng faced series difficulties. But under the guidance of company leadership, we never surrender to the hardship. We challenge to improve all hard and soft wear, including product quality, service standard and managing level.

After the Spring Festival, Hongcheng people finished the producing task, and delivered the equipment on time.

Product quality is the core value system of Guilin Hongcheng, and service is the source of development. Today, quality is the top importance of manufacturing, in the new marching of 2016, this is also the creed of Guilin Hongcheng. We will develop and produce more high-tech and advanced product.

The running time do not erase the spirit of Hongcheng people. In 2016, Hongcheng people will accept all challenges, just like a ship sailing in the ocean or an eagle flying in the sky. In the coming new year, Guilin Hongcheng will innovate to create more value for all customers.