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Hongcheng Grinding Mill Refreshed Testing Data

Release date: 2016-03-07 16:59:08

After decades of trails and hardships, Guilin Hongcheng has grown to a powerful powder processing equipment manufacturer from a little casting factory. All these depending on the technology development strategic direction of Guilin Hongcheng.

Recently, a breaking news came from a customer site in South-Asia. Two sets of ultra-fine mills reached an unexpected product fineness of 5.09μm D97. The data refreshed formerly record. Guilin Hongcheng improve grinding mill quality by technical innovation. In the future, Hongcheng is sure to achieve a better marketing.

Hongcheng is not only outstanding in product quality, but also captured an absolutely advantage in service quality, technical reserve and processing strength. Asia customers highly praised Hongcheng people, they said, it is the first time to see such excellent team.

We believe that, better quality and better service will guide the way of innovation. Guilin Hongcheng will devote grate effort in quality, service and customer requirement, and our product will win in the world.