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What is Barite Mill?

Barite is a non-metallic mineral product with barium sulfate (BaSO4) as the main component, pure barite was white, shiny, also often has gray, light red, light yellow and other color due to impurities and other mixture, good crystallization barite appears as transparent crystals. China is rich in barite resources, 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions are all distributed, mainly lies in south of China, Guizhou province accounted for one-third of the country's total reserves, Hunan, Guangxi, respectively, ranking second and third. China's barite resources not only in large reserves but also with high grade, our barite deposits can be divided into four types, namely sedimentary deposits, volcanic sedimentary deposits, hydrothermal deposits and eluvial deposits. Barite is chemically stable, insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid, non-magnetic and toxicity; it can absorb X- rays and gamma rays.

Usage of Barite Mill

Barite is a very important non-metallic mineral raw material, with a wide range of industrial uses. 

(I) drilling mud weighting agent: Barite powder added into mud when oil well and gas well drilling can effective increase the mud weight, is most commonly used measure in drilling operations to effectively prevent blowout frequent initiatives. 

(II) Lithopone Pigment: Using a reducing agent can reduced Barium sulfate to barium sulfide (BaS) after the barium sulfate was heated, then a mixture of barium sulfate and zinc sulfide (BaSO4 accounted for 70%, ZnS accounted for 30 %)obtained which is lithopone pigments after react with the zinc sulfate (ZnSO4). It can be used as paint, paints raw material, is a commonly used high-quality white pigment. 

(III) various barium compounds: the raw material can be manufactured barite barium oxide, barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium nitrate, precipitated barium sulfate, barium hydroxide and other chemical raw materials.

(IV) Used for industrial fillers: In paint industry, barite powder filler can increase the film thickness, strength and durability. In the paper, rubber, plastic field, barite material can improve the hardness of rubber and plastic, wear resistance and aging resistance; Lithopone pigments are also used in the manufacture of white paint, more advantages for indoor use than magnesium white and lead white. 

(V) Mineralizing agent for cement industry: the adding of barite, fluorite compound mineralizer in the use of cement production can promote the formation and activation of C3S, clinker quality has been improved. 

(VI) Anti-rays cement, mortar and concrete: the use of barite having an X-ray absorption properties, making Barium cement, barite mortar and Barite Concrete by barite, can replace metal grid for shielding nuclear reactor and build research, hospital etc buildings of X-ray proof. 

(VII) Road construction: rubber and asphalt mixture containing about 10% barite has been successfully used for parking lot, is a durable paving material. 

(VIII) Other: reconciliation of barite and oil applied to the cloth manufacturing linoleum; barite powder used for refined kerosene; as digestive tract contrast agent used in the pharmaceutical industry; also can be made as pesticides, leather, and fireworks. In addition, barite is also used to extract metals barium, used as getter and binder in television and other vacuum tube. Barium and other metals (aluminum, magnesium, lead, and cadmium) can be made as alloy for the manufacture of bearings.

Model selection and technological process in Barite Mill powder processing

Barite raw material component analysis table(Note: Sr, Pb and Ca isomorphous substitution in ingredients.)  

65.7% 34.3%

Barite powder making equipment main frame selection

Product specifications200 mesh325 mesh600-2500mesh
Selection program Raymond mill, Vertical mill Ultrafine vertical mill, Ultrafine mill, Airflow mill

Analysis on grinding mill models

1, Raymond Mill, HC series pendulum grinding mill: low investment costs, high capacity, low energy consumption, equipment stability, low noise; is the ideal equipment for wollastonite powder processing. But the degree of large-scale is relatively lower compared to vertical grinding mill.

2, HLM vertical mill: large-scale equipment, high capacity, to meet the large-scale production demand. Product has high degree of spherical, better quality, but the investment cost is higher.

3, HCH ultrafine grinding roller mill:ultrafine grinding roller mill is efficient, energy-saving, economical and practical milling equipment for ultrafine powder over 600 meshes.

4, HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill: especially for large-scale production capacity ultrafine powder over 600 meshes, or customer who has higher requirements on powder particle form, HLMX ultrafine vertical mill is the best choice.

Barite Mill powder processing technological process

Phrase one: raw material crushing. Barite blocks will be crushed to 15mm-50mm fineness by crusher.

Phrase two: grinding. Barite material will be sent to the storage hopper by the elevator, and then the feeder will send the material to the main mill for grinding.

Phrase three: classifying. Ground material will be classified; coarse powder will fall back to the main mill to be ground again.

Phrase four: production collecting. Qualified powder will flow with the air and be collected in the collector, and then the finished powder will be transported to the product storage bin through discharge port. Lastly, the powder will be loaded by tank car or packed by packing machine.

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Application examples of Barite Mill powder processing

Some barite processing enterprise

Material: Barite

Fineness: 325mesh D97

Capacity: 8-10t/h

Configuration: 1 set of HC1300

Customer feedback:

Hongcheng brand grinding mill is high efficiency, advanced technology of classifying, secure and effective operation, overall equipment is compact process, small footprint, save workshop construction cost. The whole system is automatically controlled, remote monitoring can be configured which workers only have to operate in control room, easier operation can save labor cost. The grinding mill is stable performance, capacity can achieve expected number. Design, installation instruction, debugging and so on of this project are free provide by Hongcheng, we are fulfill satisfied. 

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