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How does the vertical mill grind steel slag?

Release date: 2023-11-28 11:11:50

Steel slag grinding is an important link in the steel slag treatment and comprehensive utilization process. It is generally believed that steel slag has a glass body structure, high iron content, and high product fineness requirements, making it difficult to grind using vertical mills. However, ball mill grinding steel slag requires pre-drying and the process is complicated. The newly developed steel slag vertical mill produced by HCM Steel Slag Vertical Mill Manufacturer has successfully operated the vertical mill to grind steel slag through innovations in grinding component combination, use of new wear-resistant materials, system and in-mill iron removal, and micro-powder sorting. So, how does the vertical mill grind steel slag? Today, HCM Machinery, a steel slag vertical mill manufacturer, will introduce it to you.

How to grind steel slag in vertical mill? The basic process of the slag grinding production line is used in the design of the steel slag vertical mill process, but the steel slag grinding has stricter requirements for iron removal. Generally, we require three iron removal measures to be designed before grinding, between the slag discharge of the mill and the external circulation elevator. Two iron removal stages are designed to effectively remove the iron in the steel slag and ensure the stable operation of the system equipment, thereby reducing equipment wear and system energy consumption.The steel slag tailings obtained in the metal recycling step of steel slag processing are directly sent to the steel and slag batching silos by the rotary conveyor, or the steel slag tailings stored in the steel slag storage building are sent to the steel slag silo through the crane, and then the steel slag tailings are sent to the steel slag silo by the conveyor. The machine feeds steel and slag into the batching bin; after being sent to the conveyor by the quantitative feeder, it enters the screw conveyor and enters the vertical mill for direct grinding. The grinding roller pressure of the vertical mill, the temperature of the hot air entering the vertical mill, and the air volume are controlled. Qualified steel slag powder and unqualified steel slag grinding materials are obtained.

The ball mill grinds steel slag and processes hot stuffy steel slag. When the product specific surface area is 450~500m/Akg, the power consumption is as high as 70~90kWh/t, and the output is extremely low. The use of vertical mills to grind steel slag has low energy consumption, high production capacity and high feasibility. The steel slag powder (i.e. ultra-fine steel slag powder) separated by the vertical mill steel slag coarse and fine powder rotary separator can be sold directly or remixed with slag powder to make steel slag powder with different requirements. The steel slag separated by the coarse and fine powder rotary separator The coarse powder can be mixed into the steel slag powder warehouse by the elevator on the side of the steel slag powder warehouse of the original process system for sale, or it can be returned to the return system of the two vertical mills for re-grinding and then entered into the steel slag powder warehouse for sale.The characteristics of high, medium, low and multiple products are formed, which allows enterprises to adjust the output of each product line at any time according to market demand, making it flexible and more adaptable to market demand. If you have steel slag grinding needs. Welcome to contact us for equipment details, email address:mkt@hcmilling.com