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Warmly celebrate the grand opening of Guilin Hongcheng Northwest Office!

Release date: 2024-03-19 16:49:23

The opening was full of joy, and the business was well underway. On March 18, 2024, Guilin Hongcheng held a grand opening ceremony for its northwest office in Ningxia, marking the further deepening of Hongcheng's development in the northwest market. Vice Chairman of Guilin Hongcheng Rong Beiguo, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Rong Xinguo, heads of the northwest office and customers and friends gathered together to witness this grand celebration.

The establishment of the northwest office is an important measure for Hongcheng's development strategic layout. It is an important milestone in Hongcheng's development. It is also a new starting point for Hongcheng to deeply explore the northwest market and achieve greater development! In the future, high-quality Hongcheng grinding mill equipment will provide more efficient services, better protect the production projects of customers and friends in the northwest, and create greater value for customers and friends. I believe that the powder processing industry in the northwest will also be booming.

During the lion awakening and eye-dotting ceremony, leaders of Hongcheng held pen and ink, and the lion awakened and dotted the eyes, indicating that Hongcheng will have a bright future and great ambitions! The lion picks green, which means growth and wealth! I wish the northwest office a prosperous opening and abundant financial resources!

Later, customers and friends visited the northwest office. The interior is spacious and elegant, and the accessories are neatly placed. The northwest office is equipped with a large number of spare parts in stock to meet the needs of customers in the northwest region in a timely manner and ensure sufficient supply.

The northwest office will rely on Hongcheng's strong manufacturing capabilities, technical advantages and rich practical project experience, give full play to its regional advantages, expand the influence of Hongcheng's brand, continue to provide northwest customers with cutting-edge technical information and solutions in the powder industry, and continue to empower It can promote the development of northwest powder industry.