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What are the advantages of grinding limestone with Raymond mill?

Release date: 2023-11-20 15:54:29

When limestone is ground, due to its hard and brittle material, a large amount of dust composed of small particles will be produced after crushing. The traditional Raymond mill device cannot collect all the dust in a timely and effective manner when a large amount of dust is generated in an instant, causing repeated grinding to affect the grinding and collection effect. Therefore, HCM designed a Raymond mill device for grinding limestone powder, and has been in the market for many years. The application is widely praised. Today I will introduce to you this 1700 vertical swing mill.

The full name of Raymond Mill 1700 is HC1700 Longitudinal Pendulum Mill. It is a new generation of large-scale and efficient powder mill independently developed by HCM Hongcheng Machinery. It draws on the working principle of the pendulum mill and improves the swing mode of the pendulum mill. Without changing other parameters, the centrifugal grinding force is increased by nearly 35% and the contact area between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is improved. , the output is 2.5 to 4 times higher than the traditional 5R Raymond mill, the crushing efficiency is greatly improved, and the unit energy consumption is reduced. Using a forced turbine classifier, the fineness range of the product can reach 0.18-0.038mm (80-400 mesh) between. At the same time, the sealing structure of the transmission device and grinding roller assembly has been improved, making the operation of the equipment more reliable and making maintenance more convenient.HC1700 has the characteristics of large output, high unit power output, low comprehensive investment cost and operating cost, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. It is the choice for large-scale powder processing projects.

The advantage of Raymond mill 1700 for grinding limestone is that the grinding roller device supported on the plum blossom frame in the main machine cavity rotates around the central axis, and the grinding roller swings horizontally outward under the action of centrifugal force, so that the grinding roller presses the grinding ring, and the grinding The rollers rotate around the grinding roller axis at the same time.The material raised by the rotating blade is thrown between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and is crushed and grinded by the grinding roller. Start the blower motor to drive the airflow to the inside of the through-shaft. When the through-shaft drives the blower wheel to rotate, the airflow is blown from below the breathable ring to blow up the dust. This achieves the effect of blowing the crushed particles to prevent them from accumulating at the bottom, and solves the problem of particles. The problem of accumulation after crushing cannot be collected.Raymond mill 1700 has a new structure of plum blossom frame and longitudinal swing grinding roller device, which is advanced and reasonable in structure. The machine has very little vibration, low noise, smooth mechanical operation and reliable performance. It has sufficient experience and advantages in grinding limestone.If you want to know more about the quotation and structural issues of the 1700 longitudinal pendulum mill, please contact us for details. Email:mkt@hcmilling.com