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What type of mill should be used to grind quicklime powder?

Release date: 2023-11-13 09:53:40

Quicklime has a larger mesh number, and 100-mesh white quicklime has many uses. Of course, there are also manufacturers that produce quicklime with mesh sizes from 60 mesh to 100 mesh, 150 mesh quicklime, 325 mesh quicklime particle size, 325 mesh high white quicklime powder, 400 mesh quicklime, 600 mesh quicklime, and 800 mesh quicklime. Based on the mesh size and output of quicklime,HCM Guilin Hongcheng Machinery, a manufacturer of quicklime grinding machine, gives the following suggestions for the selection of quicklime grinding machine, for reference only.

(1) The mesh size of quicklime is 80 mesh to 600 mesh, with an hourly output of 1 to 9 tons. It is recommended to use Raymond machine

HCM Guilin Hongcheng's new Raymond mill is used as a non-metallic mineral processing machinery. The quicklime powder fineness of this mill is between 80-400 mesh. The models are suitable for various amounts of investment, including HC1300, HC1500, HC1700, HCQ1290, HCQ1500 and other Raymond machines, which can produce 1 ton to 40 tons of quicklime powder per hour, and the investment amount ranges from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands. It is the quicklime powder grinding machine favored by many quicklime powder manufacturers.

(2) Machine for grinding quicklime powder with mesh size above 400? If you want to produce 325 mesh to 3 micron quicklime powder, the output is dozens of tons per hour, the comprehensive investment saves labor and land, and the investment vision is long-term. If you plan to invest hundreds or even millions, it is recommended to use HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill when selecting quicklime grinding mill.

How much does a quicklime powder grinding machine cost? Different types of quicklime powder grinding machines will have different quotations, which have a lot to do with your production needs. Raymond mills have a low order price, but later maintenance costs are high. Vertical mills The ordering cost is high, but the long-term comprehensive return on investment is high. Welcome to contact us for consultation, email address:mkt@hcmilling.com