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World Tour ·Tour of Guangxi "Riding encounter" with HCM, performing "Fast and Furious" together

Release date: 2023-10-17 12:03:37


UCI World Tour ·Tour of Guangxi  · Guilin Stage

After three years of absence, the "Tour of Guangxi" has begun with excitement. On October 16, the top international racing teams staged the pinnacle showdown of "Fast and Furious" in the beautiful landscape of Guilin, launching a contest of strength and wisdom.

The Guilin city stage track is 168.3 kilometers long, passing through Baishou Town, Linsu Road, and Lingui District until the end of Guilin One Yard Two Museum. The people of Lingui enthusiastically watched the cyclists' fast competitive style outside the track line, and the wonderful international competitions feasted the eyes of Lingui District residents. At the same time, HCM Hongcheng Machinery, who is located next to the track, is also running fast, performing "speed and passion" together.

Improved comprehensive strength and accelerated high-quality development

HCM has been deeply involved in the field of powder grinding for more than 30 years. It has always adhered to the development strategy of scientific and technological innovation, guided by customer needs, focusing on the development and production of efficient, energy-saving, stable and environmentally friendly powder processing equipment. In recent years, HCM has continuously accelerated technological changes and improved the performance of its grinding mills in all aspects. Its independently developed core technology products are favored by customers. In addition, Hongcheng's factory scale construction has also accelerated. Based on the powder equipment manufacturing industry, HCM builds a high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing industrial park, triggers a new development engine, bursts out powerful forces, creates high-quality products, and accelerates HCM's high-quality development.

Accelerate with all your strength and head towards the international.

With the joint efforts of HCM family members, HCM people pressed the "fast forward button" for HCM's development with the passion of "dare" as the first word and "do" as the first word. HCM's products not only sell well in China, but also in the overseas markets are also shining brightly. Domestic and international markets are advancing hand in hand, and the market share is constantly increasing, and the development speed is unstoppable. Whether it is the domestic Canton Fair or the International Powder Machinery Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, HCM is everywhere. HCM, which is accelerating with all its strength, is laying out its global strategy and heading towards the international track to create greater value for customers and friends around the world.

In the future, HCM will continue to work hard to lay out its global strategy, expand HCM's international influence, demonstrate HCM's international strength, and contribute more solid HCM strength to the global powder processing industry.