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The recycling and reuse of metallurgical solid waste resources is the focus of social attention under the current environmental protection situation. Common metallurgical solid wastes include blast furnace slag (water slag), steel slag, nickel slag, coal slag, etc. These solid wastes can become ideal cement cementing materials after grinding. It is widely used in the cement concrete industry. Guilin Hongcheng provides a complete set of high-quality vertical milling production line for the solid waste recycling market. The production line has high production and low consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. It can process ordinary and high specific surface mineral powder, and provide strong equipment support for efficient pulverization of water slag and steel slag. Guilin Hongcheng's ore powder vertical mill production line has been successfully constructed and put into operation in many places.
Common process
Common process
Common process

Mineral Powder Processing Technical Indicators

Grade S75 mineral powder
Specific surface area 350 ㎡/kg
S95 grade mineral powder
Specific surface area 420 ㎡/kg
S105 grade mineral powder
Specific surface area 500 ㎡/kg
High specific surface
Specific surface area > 600 ㎡/kg
Technical Indicators

Mineral Powder Processing Process Flow

Production Process Flow

Crushing: large pieces of waste slag should be broken first, and the particle size into the grinding should be within 3 cm.

Production Process Flow

Drying+Grinding: The material is crushed under the force of the grinding roller. The grinding gas flows through the hot blast stove to raise the temperature, which can dry the material.

Production Process Flow

Classification: The crushed material is blown into the classifier by the airflow. Pass if qualified, continue to grind if unqualified.

Production Process Flow

Collection: The selected qualified materials enter the pulse dust collector or cyclone dust collector, and are sent to the next process through the discharge valve.

Metallurgical Solid Waste Recycling Project One-stop Solution

Guilin Hongcheng professional team provides a one-stop technical solution for the recycling of metallurgical solid waste. According to the specific project needs, we will provide you with one-on-one professional guidance and technical exchange. Provide efficient and timely services from pre-sale, in-sale to after-sale to make the metallurgical solid waste recycling project more smooth and effective.