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As a large coal-consuming country, my country's atmospheric environment is deeply polluted by sulfur-containing flue gas emitted by coal combustion. Thermal power plants are also large coal-burning households, and their flue gas desulfurization work is very important. At present, the mature desulfurization technology can be divided into three types: wet method, dry method and semi-dry method. The principle is simple and the principle is to neutralize the SO2 in the flue gas with the alkaline desulfurizer to avoid the direct discharge of acidic substances into the atmosphere. Guilin Hongcheng has been focusing on the research and development of grinding equipment for more than 30 years, and has successfully built thousands of desulfurizer grinding production lines, providing a complete set of green grinding solutions for flue gas desulfurization in thermal power plants.
Common process
Common process
Common process

Common Desulfurization Processes In Power Plants

Wet Desulfurization

Desulfurizer: limestone/lime/hydrated lime


1. High desulfurization efficiency, reliable operation and wide range of coal types.

2. The raw material limestone desulfurizer used is rich in resources and low in price.


1. The system has a large area, high energy consumption and high cost to complete at one time.

2. The pipeline is easy to block, scale and wear.

3. A large amount of gypsum and waste water are produced.

Dry Desulfurization

Desulfurizer: limestone


1. The process is simple, and there is no sewage and waste acid treatment problem.

2. Low energy consumption.

3. The flue gas temperature after purification is higher, which is conducive to the diffusion of stack exhaust.


1. The desulfurization efficiency is low.

2. The equipment is large, the investment is large, and the floor area is large.

3. High technical requirements for operation.

Semi-dry Desulfurization

Desulfurizer: lime/hydrated lime


1. The process is simple.

2. The equipment is basically free from corrosion, abrasion, scaling and wastewater discharge.

3. It occupies less land, saves space, and has low equipment investment.


1. It is necessary to use lime with high purity and activity as desulfurizer.

2. The comprehensive utilization of desulfurization products is also limited.

Power plant desulfurization Technical Indicators

Hydrated Lime

Composition Requirements:

CaCo3 content>90%

Particle size requirements:

250 mesh 90% sieving rate (low sulfur content coal)

325 mesh 90% sieving rate (high sulfur content coal)

Composition Requirements:

CaO content>85%

Particle size requirements:

200 mesh 90% sieving rate

Composition Requirements:

Ca(OH)₂ content > 90%

Particle size requirements:

325 mesh 90% sieving rate

Technical Indicators

Production Process Flow of Desulfurizer

Production Process Flow

Crushing: large pieces of material need to be crushed first, and the particle size into the grinding should be within 2cm.

Production Process Flow

Grinding: the crushed materials are evenly fed into the mill and crushed under the force of the grinding roller.

Production Process Flow

Collection: The qualified materials sorted out enter the pulse dust collector or cyclone collector to realize the separation of material and gas.

Production Process Flow

Conveying: the unloading valve under the cyclone/pulse collector can be directly loaded and transported to the destination by the bulk machine, or sent to the finished product warehouse for storage by the conveying mechanism.

The above is the limestone or lime grinding process flow, and the hydrated lime production process is welcome to click the button below for consultation.

Power Plant Desulfurization Project One-stop Solution

Guilin Hongcheng professional team provides a one-stop production plan for the dewatering agent. According to the specific project needs, we will provide you with one-on-one professional guidance and technical exchange. Provide efficient and timely services from pre-sale, in-sale to after-sale to make the desulfurization project more smooth and effective.